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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wildlife Tracking And A Birthday

As we were hiking up the hills this morning, Michael said, “that’s a bear track!”  We continued our hike to the top of the hill then on the way back started tracking the bear—it’s pretty easy when his tracks are in fresh snow (yep, we got another couple inches last night).  He went down the hill, crossed our little creek then headed toward our house, went under the deck, took a gander in our bedroom window and his tracks led off up the hill behind the house.

IMG_9016IMG_9027Looking out our bedroom window at his tracks—wonder when he came by, if it was during the night, some watchdog we have!

Yoga this morning and a birthday party.  It was Nancy’s birthday---we do yoga in her guest house living/dining room—and we decided to have a party after yoga—light snacks, candles in the pumpkin bars Shirley brought, laughter and time with special friends.  A very good morning.

Back home Nat and Michael were waiting for their lunch—I had made a big pot of beef stew before I left for yoga so everything was ready, Nat stayed a long time this afternoon talking history with Michael.  I napped in my chair! Smile

I finished making the binding for Jane’s quilt and will get it sewn on and that one off the frame.  Next on my list is the one Karen sent me. 

Gosh it is so muddy here, messy, messy!  I told Michael and Nat at lunch I wanted to win the lottery so I could pave this whole place!  Emmi and I took a walk this afternoon and when we got back she had to have a bath!  I am loving my new pink Muck boots!



  1. I think that bear is a little close for comfort. Hope he hibernates soon!!! Or is he waiting for you to leave for warmer climates so he can spend a long winter's night in your bed!!!

  2. Emma wasn't any good at letting me know a bear was outside either. That was fine with me in the middle of the night. ;)

  3. I'm not sure you and Emmi should be out walking alone. Do you carry bear spray? I would that he might get Emmi!!

    I thought of you today...saw an ad for your Muck boots.


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