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Friday, October 18, 2013

A Hard Working Friday

And thank goodness we have equipment!  Both rear tires on our Ford backhoe had been going flat—Michael doesn’t use this piece of equipment often and wasn’t in the mood to spend $650 per tire for new ones.  Instead he opted to put tubes inside the tires—a much less expensive option.  But, the tires had to get to town—we loaded them into the trailer and the repairs were done Wednesday while we were in town.  Today was the day to remount those huge, unwieldy, heavy tires.

We pushed and shoved each tire to the edge of the trailer then Michael lifted the tire with the skidsteer, hauling it over to where the backhoe sat.  It took us a while to get those big ole tires lined up with the bolts but we did it—thank goodness for equipment!   IMG_9033


Then it was time to split firewood—Lonn loaned us his log splitter and Michael had been cutting up some of the logs we had into sections—we made great progress, these piles are still in the pasture:

IMG_9039IMG_9040And this is our stack under the deck.

IMG_9043We are both just a little stiff and sore to say the least but it’s a great feeling to get so much accomplished!

It was a beautiful, beautiful day—bright sunshine and mud drying wind!



  1. Always a good feeling to get the winters heating fuel ready, just in case.

  2. Those mountain scenes are just gorgeous:) Thanks for including them.

    Sure sounds like quilting would be a lot more fun!!

  3. Where there is a will there is a way!!! Good Job!!! Sounds like Advil time!..:-)

  4. That's a lot of hard wonder you're both a 'little' stiff and sore. But a good feeling for completing a big project!!

  5. I guess your couldn't just call Coachnet or Good Sam to change those monster tires?? All that firewood should keep you warm and toasty on cold nights. Beautiful pics of the mountains and snow.

  6. Howdy Janna, Mike & Ms Emmi, (& THE BEAR)
    I don't know, Mike, those tires look pretty 'slick', may be time to spend some $$$ even at $650 per.
    It'll make it work SO MUCH BETTER... Janna, he couldn't have done it without you... Arkies are MUSCLES !!! I still don't see how y'all did it, even with the skid-steer !!! Please, don't strain anything that Advil won't help !!! Hope all the pains go away and y'all have a HAPPY DAY !!!! Did Ms Emmi help????


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