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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Think I’m Tired

A walk, yoga and lunch before I got out the shears and clippers to clean up the flower beds.  Four hours later I can hardly move—I hauled three Kawasaki mule loads to our burn pile.  I’m not finished, the wild rose bush is out of control and needs trimming plus the apple trees really took a hit when that heavy wet snow fell.  But I couldn’t do any more this afternoon—maybe Thursday I will finish???

Michael has spent the day working on his shed—the roof is on and he’s a happy camper!  IMG_9058This photo was taken yesterday before he got the last little bit of metal on.

IMG_9054One of Emmi’s “chickens.”

On my last trip up the hill to the burn pile Emmi was being a stubborn schnauzer and wouldn’t get on the mule with me so I left her in the yard.  By the time I went to the burn pile and started back down, Emmi had joined her Dad at the shed—bad dog!!!  She has done this a couple times lately—we don’t want her leaving the yard—I need to catch her in the act so I can give her a good scolding.

That’s it for our gorgeous fall day on the Boulder.


  1. Howdy Mike,
    I thought in SNOW country you put STEEP ROOFS ON BUILDING, so the SNOW would SLIDE OFF of it !!!! That looks like a TEXAS SHED !!! Bad dog, Emmi !!! The BEARS'LL GET YOU !!!

    Hope y'all are doing great and having HAPPY DAY !!!

  2. Howdy Mike,
    Came over from Al's blog.. I thought they PUNKS tried to steal the jeep in Tulsa; still think you shoulda busted a couple of caps on'em....

  3. The new roof on the shed looks good - I noticed poor Emmi looking at it too. I guess she just got curious as to where everyone was.


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