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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Good Day For Quilting

My cowboy was coerced into taking Karen’s quilt to the post office this morning after we took an abbreviated walk.  The wind was howling, cutting into you like a knife and spitting little snowflakes into your face.  Nasty outside all day with a high temp of about 28 degrees.  Not much snow has accumulated as it has all blown into the next county.

I made Gina’s taco soup recipe for lunch and she must have felt the vibes as she called me while I was chopping and measuring.  It’s been a while since I talked to that girl and we had a good chat!  She’s been off traveling with those beautiful daughters and grandbabies—I borrowed a couple of the photographer’s shots from Facebook so you could all see what beautiful daughters and grandchildren Gina and Rollie have. 


I finished the little quilt for my Mom plus I started  a small one for Shirley—it’s good quilting weather for sure—just stay inside and keep warm kind of weather!  We did get out again this afternoon to walk the Emmi girl, she was going stir crazy.  She will come up behind me in the quilt studio with a toy in her mouth and hit me in the back of the knees—if the machine is going I don’t even know Emmi is there until she almost knocks me down with her, “pay attention to me” moves!!

IMG_9153As you can see, the cowboy is wearing his red coat, it is hunting season and while we don’t allow any hunting on our property the neighbors do, we want to be sure they can see us! 

Michael sharpened saw blades and puttered in the basement, it was even too cold for him to be outside today.  In spite of the weather, it is a good day on the Boulder.



  1. That last pic is a beauty, but BRR!

  2. Good to see Rollie and Gina's mob.

    I was wearing my red on our ride this weekend too. Lot's of shooting going on around here but I didn't see any critters being hauled away so maybe they are just shooting T.V's, Microwaves, and Propane Bottles. Yep we have seen them all shot full of holes. Makes you wonder how a lunatic who would shoot a propane bottle can actually buy a firearm.

  3. Oh my I hope he didn't have a tough time going into town with my quilt! It could have waited till the weather was a little nicer ya know. I am soooo excited to see it! Just thrilling to know it's on it's way... tee heeeeeee. I will have your check in the mail tomorrow for you too. Honestly, I am kinda looking forward to some snowed-in days to work on my own quilting projects. going to do some more "stained glass" wall hangings with that tiny thin quick bias stuff over the batik appliques. It sure is striking and fun!

  4. That looks darned cold but the photos sure look nice.

  5. Boy, those photos sure does make one shiver. I took to wearing my bright peach jacket hiking because it is bow season in one of the areas we were hiking. Stay warm!!

  6. Yours was clearly and indoor kind of day. It did look cold outdoors!

  7. Howdy Janna & Mike,
    I read Karen's comment yesterday, where she said to just wait on mailing the quilt; YOU DIDN'T GO, but poor Mike had to GO to the Post Office and ship it!!! After 16 years it would seem to me he'd say, Honey, I'll go as soon as the roads 'CLEAR' !!! Did he take the bulldozer???
    THANK YOU, SO MUCH for the pics of Gina & Rollie's g-kids.. Oh and Gina too, also !!! All of them are so beautiful, kids & g-kids AND G-MA !!!!
    Hope y'all have a HAPPY DAY and Ms Emmi doesn't cause you any damage....


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