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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Storm Is Coming

Our dear friends in Canada are sending us a doozy of winter storms—the wind is howling and the temps are dropping.  Brenda had posted a photo of Dogpound North today covered in snow and when I thanked her for sending us this storm she promptly informed us that we had snow long before Canada did—yep, we did! SmileSnow isn’t supposed to start until around midnight but the wind sure is blowing!

I finished Karen’s quilt today and will get it off in the mail tomorrow if the snow doesn’t get too deep.  I then loaded one of the three my Mom has sent me lately.  It’s a small one which won’t take long.

Nat came up for lunch and we dined quite well—steak filets, baked potatoes, carrots and brownies for dessert.  The steaks were so good!!

Michael went up to Geoff and Nancy’s and did a little gravel/leveling work.  He is very glad to have his shed finished and our equipment stored in the dry before this storm gets here.  Maybe if we keep talking about this storm it won’t happen??? Smile

Yesterday our friend Larry brought us several loads of gravel which we really needed.  He has a dump truck and does excavating work—after he brought the last load around 5:30, he stayed for supper.  I did hamburgers on the grill and homemade oven fries. 


IMG_9140-001Larry travels with his trusty sidekick, Johnnie, the Dalmatian. 


  1. If you get a storm, you just leave that quilt sit right there at your house.. .i would rather you were safe than risk anything for a shipment for me..... I mean it!

  2. Sure sounds like you guys could really get dumped on. But I know you guys can deal with it even if you get snowed in for a couple of days. We're also going to have a storm move through tomorrow. But we don't worry about snow but we do about the dust. It will be an inside day for Jim that's for sure.

  3. Sorry about the snow storm lol. Our youngest daughter and Miss Ella and Alle got caught in it and had to be rescued off of the highway by JB's Son and then her husband. Its a bad one.

  4. Stay safe!! Seems a little early, but the weather has been so messed up, who know what's next!!

  5. Howdy J&M,
    For two loads of gravel all he got was a HAMBURGER?? Janna, even YOUR BURGERS aren't worth that !!! Feed granpa steak and Larry a 'burger.... Glad Mike is finished with the shed... Yeah, it's agonna SNOW, but look who you got to keep you WARM; with his black hat on !!!
    Maybe y'all outta go to DPS for the WINTER !!!! IT'S MONTANA, IT'S AGONNA SNOW !!!!

  6. Ya'll keep that snow up yonder... I'm rolling the day after tomorrow and I've no need for that stuff in Arizona OR on the way there! ;)

  7. It's all Alberta's fault! Nasty weather heading south. If I could, I'd send some balmy ocean breezes eastward from the west coast to warm things up in Montana.


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