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Monday, October 14, 2013

Not If But When

Many times I’ve read on the quilting forum, “it isn’t a matter of if you will run over a pin or ruler, it is a matter of when.”  Well, today was my turn! Sad smileI was much closer to the zipper pins than I thought and the noise of my machine hitting one of those heavy duty safety pins was a sound I never want to hear again!  It jammed my precious longarm up tight—nothing would move—my handyman was out in the garage which necessitated my donning the new pink muck boots to troop through the snow to find him.  Yes, we have snow again, probably about six inches before the temps warmed up enough for it to melt as fast as it was falling, the temps are dropping as the day ends and it is snowing again.


Hitting a pin with your longarm means the machine has to be re-timed, something Michael and I have done before so we just got after it—the machine is sewing like a dream again.  Maybe I will get that huge flannel quilt finished one day this week!!??

If you click this link, Grizzlies and wolves, you will see some amazing photographs taken in Yellowstone National Park (when it was still open).  Grizzlies don’t often like to share their meals but this male grizzly was told off by the female grizzly and sharing ensued! 

We were without power for a short time today—I sure am glad it came back on so I could run over that pin with the longarm! Winking smile


  1. I've never hit a pin (keeping my fingers crossed) but managed to throw my Gammill Premier out of time on the second day I had it. After reading instructions, watching a couple videos more than once and three days of off & on effort and not a little cussing I got it sewing beautifully again....and I hope it stays that way. It's just such a sinking feeling when you know that machine isn't going to sew again until it's fixed. And the nearest technician is hundreds of miles away.

  2. My worst fear...hitting a pin!! Fingers crossed that it never happens. Glad your baby is up and running! Can't wait to see that flannel quilt!

  3. Wow. Those pictures look like Christmas, early. Beeyootiful!
    Sorry about the pin/ruler rule. That's probably why I don't quilt. (ahem)

    1. A friend of mine ran over her thumb (using a regular sewing machine) in Home Ec Class many, many years ago. I wonder if she ever took up quilting ;-) Your snow scenes are just beautiful... I'd like to be there to see it... but only for a VERY short time.

  4. Glad you could get the long arm working again. But its a pain to stop everything to do it. It seems way to early for snow..... but the reality is winter is on our doorstep.

  5. Very interesting pics from Yellowstone.

  6. Howdy J&M,
    Sew, Michael's a sewing machine technician, amongst ALL of his other attributes?? Sorry you hit the pin, but glad you're back in gear...Your 'winter wonderland' pics are so pretty and COLD looking...
    Hope y'all stay warm and have a HAPPY DAY !!!!

  7. I'm thinking that maybe you are in the wrong part of the country right now! Snow is beautiful but only in pictures:)

    Thanks for sharing the Grizzle link!


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