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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday On The Boulder

Not much going on around here today as even our usual Sunday lunch guest had more pressing matters to attend to today—he (Nat) had horseshoe pitchers coming!  In making lunch I discovered I can still cook “southern!”  I made chicken fried steaks, mashed potatoes and a salad.  Plus I made a fresh apple cake from a Little Rock, AR Junior League cookbook—I told Michael you can tell a good recipe when the page in the cookbook is stained with butter/vanilla, etc.  I’ve used this recipe often in my adult life—it’s definitely not a low calorie dessert but is simply delicious!


Michael has one more sheet of metal roofing to lay on his shed roof—he made progress today!  I spent the day (other than cooking) sewing on a project for myself, piecing a Christmas quilt my sister Ann and niece Niki gave me in 2010—I’m a little behind, aren’t I?? 

The wind and warmer temps dried much of our mud yesterday—what did we wake to in the night, rain!!  Not much but just enough to make things sticky and muddy again.  Much of our day was in clouds but the sun came out this afternoon. 


IMG_9047The logs we are cutting for firewood were cut standing dead—when the bark peels off we see these really cool pictographs or petroglyphs??  Looks like sea creatures doesn’t it??


And that’s it for our Sunday.


  1. Looks like a great recipe. I think I will give it a try. Thanks!

  2. Howdy Janna,
    Thanks, for the recipe, it really looks goooood !!! Oh no, more muuuuud !!!!! I'll be glad when Mike gets that shed roof finished, WORRY about him handling that sheet-metal, ALONE, as I've done it and ALWAYS GOTTEN HURT, blown off of the top a couple of times, but not hurt much, cuts & scratches, mostly...
    Hope everybody's having a HAPPY DAY !!!

  3. Apple cake is one of my all-time favourites - thanks for the recipe.

    Beautiful pics of the moutains.

  4. Thank you for sharing the Apple cake recipe.


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