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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Busy Saturday

IMG_9096For some reason when we have an appointment or something to do we sleep late—if we don’t have to be anywhere for any reason, we are up early—totally backwards but it happens!  We seldom use an alarm clock unless we absolutely have to go somewhere such as for a doctor’s appointment.  Our friend Kathy was coming at 9am to bring a stove door so Michael could repair it before the next blizzard hits. She was also bringing her new laptop loaded with Windows 8 to see if I could help her make heads or tails of it.  I (amazing isn’t it??) taught Kathy how to use a computer from pressing the “on” button to navigating files, to enhancing photos and to surfing the internet.  But we almost had to call Rick today!!

The person who set up this computer for Kathy needs to find another line of work!  It is loaded with useless stuff and he took away some of the cool stuff inherent to Windows 8.  He had the computer set up to always log on with a password which both Kathy and Jim hated—that took me a long while and a YouTube video to remove.  We all live out in the middle of nowhere, Kathy and Jim use their computer  ONLY in their home, it isn’t necessary to have a login password.  I went to Rick’s blog and re-read all his posts on Windows 8 and fixed a few things for her.  The computer needs to be re-configured for easier use—maybe Kathy and I will get it fixed sooner or later!

Michael finished roofing the other side of his shed add-on today—it’s all under roof now, let the snow fall! 

Cinnabar Creek has a yearly hunter’s widow sale—hunting season started today (run deer/elk, run!!)  Kathy and I went into town and did a bit of browsing.  The store sells these great candles which don’t drip, I think they are made by Root—I got several of those, some cocktail napkins and some container candles.  Kathy and I started the store Cinnabar Creek about 14 years ago and it is still going strong.  Kathy only sold her interest in the store about 3 years ago due to health problems. 

And that’s it for another beautiful fall day on the Boulder—winter is coming again tomorrow.


The photos were taken in Yellowstone yesterday, enjoy!


  1. I have had a Windows 8 laptop since May and I still do not care much for it. They seem to have developed this for tablets and those that still use a computer were just an afterthought.

  2. My cheap old Acer lap top is wearing out, but I just panic when I think of buying a new on with Windows 8 on it. Seems everyone who has it, hates it, seems hard to get used to. So this little Acer and I will be buds to the very end!!!

  3. I've had my Windows 8 for a few months now and I've learned my way around somewhat but I still don't like it. I saw on my phone that you guys were looking at snow and cold for a few days.

  4. I'm sure enuff glad that Mike is OFF OF THAT ROOF !!! The shed looks really great, Mike !!! Now, y'all come down here to the RunningStar Ranch, for the winter and you can 'finish' mine I started 3-4 years ago and my 'help' quit me, so, it's waiting for you... Temperature's at 79* today.... Just be sure to bring Ms Emmi... I promise NO GULF HUMIDIDITY !!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 4 DAYS EARLY, JANNA (29again??) !!!!

  5. Glad to hear you were able to help your friend with her computer. The logon password for Windows has always been a pet-peeve of mine and I never use it. A worse pet-peeve is all the useless stuff that a few computer makers load on new computers.

    I still don't understand completely all the fear and apprehension about Windows 8. Once you click on the desktop it takes you right to the old familiar look of Windows.

  6. I'm with Rick on Windows 8. I have a laptop with the new operating system and, in very little time, I was quite familiar with it. In fact, I quite like it. Our desktop is running Windows Vista and another laptop is running Windows 7. If you give Window 8 a solid try, I believe you will grow to like it too.

    Nice work helping out your friend with her computer.


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