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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Girl’s Day Out

Early this morning I picked up Nancy and Jeane—we were heading to Billings for the Prairie Sisters gathering—a venue featuring, “Antiques, Vintage goodies, repurposed junk and handmade items. We are expecting to have at least 60 vendors representing all the things we love…antiques, re-purposed junk, vintage goods, handmade crafts, soaps, signs, jewelry, and artisan foods all in a really fun environment.”

There are a lot of people who love old “junk!”  The place was packed and at times you could not get into each individual booth.  Old 1960’s dressers painted and repurposed, wooden boxes, skinny old style skies made into a hall tree, bed springs (yep, it’s amazing the things you can do with bed springs), old mason jars, door knobs—all this stuff was going out the door in the arms of happy shoppers!  I’ve been wanting new chairs for our dining table—the ones I have are just plain ugly—Michael has found some used ones on Craigslist from time to time and I’ve sneered at the style—70’s—not anymore after I saw what people were doing with those chairs—making them look fantastic with a little bit of paint and new cushion fabric—I will be searching Craigslist for some 70’s style chairs!! 

We had a great time but after a morning of shopping we were more than ready to find some lunch.  We chose Bin 119, a downtown wine bar—the type restaurant Michael calls “a foo foo place.”  Downtown Billings was having a Harvest Festival with music, food, vendors, etc.  Nancy found a sweet little sweater and hat for her granddaughter, Della—I told the ladies in this booth they weren’t charging enough for hand knitted items—their prices were amazing!

Back home there was a glad to see me little dog waiting—I think Michael was glad to see me too!  He spent the day working on his shed getting up three more sheets of that heavy metal roofing.  It’s a gray, very cloudy evening—can’t see the mountains.

IMG_8951Yesterday’s view

IMG_8952Today’s view

Here’s a frightening statistic—so far in 2013, 205 people have lost their lives in traffic accidents in Montana, 75% of these people wore no seatbelts—scary!!


  1. That is a scary statistic! Forget the law, it just makes sense to wear a seat belt.

  2. I hope you had a vehicle big enough to bring home all the treasures you found. You sure have a beautiful view there. We are seat belt people. It saved our lives back in 2008 when we were hit head on in Tacoma, Washington. An inexperienced teen, lost control of his car on the entrance ramp to I-5 north bound, did a U, crossed four lanes of traffic and hit us head on.We all had seat belts on. We had seat belt injuries but we wouldn't have been here to tell about it if we hadn't.

  3. I've spent the odd day at home too while Paulette was on a 'girls day out', glad you all had a good time.

    Drivers and passengers who don't wear seat belts are just asking to be badly hurt or killed.

  4. Howdy Janna,
    Sure am glad someone can make $$$ selling repurposed items; we've got a 40'X60' BARN-FULL, that we can't give away and more in the house... Foo-foo places are good, if you're a foo-foo... I thought the only use for old bed-sprangs was a 'fish-bait' location attractor, you fill each sprang with alfalfa, then stand it up with floats !!! IT WORKS !!!
    Mike is going to hurt himself, working with those metal sheets, with NO HELPER !!! I'VE DONE IT, I KNOW !!!
    Hope he finishes the 'shed' before the next BLIZZARD hits !!!

  5. ADDEDUM #2

    Plumb forgot about the seat-belt part... PEOPLE ARE STUPID TO NOT WEAR SEAT-BELTS !!!
    Why do they think RACE-CARS have seat-belts & shouder-belts AND THEY ONLY DRIVE IN ONE DIRECTION !!!! I use to race on the dirt-tracks and ALWAYS WORE CONSTRAINTS; both across and vertical, because I didn't want TO BE THROWN OUT OF THE CAR !!! At that time there were no available seat-belts, so we 'BORROWED' them, out of wrecked airplanes... I put them in my personal vehicles, also... When someone saw them and wanted one I appropriated them some... I WILL NOT LET ANYONE RIDE IN MY VEHICLE WITHOUT 'BUCKLING-UP' !!!!!
    It only makes COMMON sense, when they're already there, TO BUCKLE-UP !!!!


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