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Monday, October 7, 2013

A Finish

Took LoraLee’s quilt off the frame after attaching the binding, trimmed the edges and it’s ready to go—after she has seen it I will post some photos.  That is one big quilt!  The next one I have to do for a quilting buddy, Jane, is also huge—got the backing for that quilt pinned onto the zippers today and loaded onto the longarm. 

Michael spent the day working on the shed getting another three sheets of roofing metal on—those sheets of metal are really, really long and very heavy—he’s very tired when he comes to the house! 

After I took Michael his afternoon snack and retrieved the mail, I decided to move some snow.  We have a walk out basement under the deck and we use that door to come and go when it is muddy outside, removing our shoes downstairs.  The snow lying on the deck slowly melts and drips down below hitting you right in the back of the neck as you leave the house—not nice.  So, I got industrious and moved ALL the snow from that end of the deck.  Maybe tomorrow I will be industrious and clear the rest of the deck???

Anybody else have trouble with lie, lying, lay, laying???  I decided to Google the correct use of these words and I may be more confused than when I started! 

IMG_8881Yesterday morning on our walk we spotted several of these bear tracks—he’s probably looking for something to eat—no more chokecherries. 



  1. Yowza. It sure looks c-c-cold outside. And it's not even Halloween yet.

  2. I'm quite satified to see that even native english speaking folks have problems with lie, lying, lay a.s.o. I never seem to be able to sort that out,.

  3. Howdy Janna, Mike & Ms Emmi,
    Janna, here's how it goes: you LIE down, you LAY 'SOMETHING' down, in MISSISSIPPI you could be LYING if your mouth was moving or in ARKANSAS if a hen was doing her 'business' she'd be LAYING an egg.... In TEXAS you just 'tho'w' it on the table !!!
    Mike be REALLY CAREFUL with that sheet metal in the wind, it'll knock you off'n the shed....
    That bear KNOWS there are good smells coming from that 'funny-looking' cave AND HE'LL BE BACK !!!! HE'S HUNGRY !!!
    Hope y'all get everything done outside and have a HAPPY DAY !!! Give Ms Emmi a hug & pat !!!!

  4. Our language is such a nightmare. Spelling has more exceptions to the rules than words that follow the rule. As a third grade teacher, it is very hard to teach spelling. Homophones are even more of a bother!

    Love the bear track. I've never seen a real one. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy quilting!

  5. Snow falling on the back of one's neck has to be one of the most chilling things around. Can't help at all on the proper use of the 'lay' word.

  6. I like Butterbean's explanation. Now, if I can only remember it.


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