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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bring On The Mud

IMG_8937Am I styling or what!!  Genuine Muck boots—and for the price I paid, I need to wear these beautiful boots every single day!Aren’t you jealous Brenda??SmileWe went to Billings today—for a haircut and an errand list a mile long.  We didn’t get all the errands done but almost—a little side excursion ate into our errand time but sometimes you just gotta do something fun!

We went to look at a Model T—very well restored, just the coolest car but not very practical—the guy selling it was very upfront, telling Michael it was NOT a road car and was strictly a parade car.  Fun to look at but not for us. 

We changed up our lunch venue today, going back to an old favorite of ours, CJ’s.  A couple years ago, we always went to CJ’s, then the food began to go downhill and we stopped going.  Our meals were delicious today, we will be back!  But funny/sad thing, we’ve been going to CJ’s since we got married, almost 19 years ago and each time we were met and seated by the same bartender plus we were usually served by one of the same two waitresses.  Today, we didn’t recognize not one of the staff. 

Our Costco shopping excursion almost required two carts!!  Motor oil for the motorhome takes up a lot of space in the cart!  Plus our pantry was a little on the bare side—it was most definitely NOT the $100 club for us today!

A good day!


  1. Love the boots! Pink says it all. With your recent weather, you may get to wear them a lot:)

  2. Things change. Maybe that's why the food is better?

  3. Howdy Jana,
    Our 7 y.o. niece picked out those same muck-boots to muck-out their horse's stalls, FOR HER CHRISTMAS PRESENT, so she could take DRESSAGE LESSONS !!!!!
    Enjoy wearing them every day; gonna be HOT in the summer though !!!!!!!!!


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