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Friday, October 11, 2013

Birthday Dinners

A brisk wind made us walk a little faster on our morning stroll then I was off to yoga.  Back home I fed Michael leftover corn chowder for lunch then he was off for some more nail pounding.  I on the other hand needed to make jelly as I will be gone all day on Saturday.

Two hours, 13 cups of sugar, 11 cups of plum juice later and I have 18 jars of beautiful red jelly.  And when we got home tonight—it had jelled—that is always such a feeling of accomplishment for me!!

Tonight we drove over to Livingston meeting Boo and Terry for dinner at the Rib and Chop House, they both have October birthdays coming up soon and we wanted to treat them.  We enjoyed delicious dinners and good conversation.  The restaurant was a zoo—busy, busy!!

The predicted new snow didn’t happen today—a relief, at least to me!  I just got the deck shoveled off completely from the last snow storm.

No photos tonight, I am too tired to get the camera and download the photos—now that’s pathetic isn’t it???


  1. I am glad you didn't get the snow. I know the feeling of being to tired. We had internet at the Logadale Fair Grounds that we stayed at on the way down but you had to walk to a certain area that was not that far away at all, but I just was to tired to even do that at the time. I have been going non stop since we arrived here and am bone weary.

    I sure missed not stopping at your place Janna. I so hope we get to see you in Arizona this winter. Give Mike a big hug from me please.

  2. Now that's tired. Sounds like it was a busy, busy day. Enjoying good company and good food are the key!!!


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