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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It’s Amazing What You Think Of At Night

My hip is acting up again and wakes me off and on during the night.  During one of those wakeful periods last night I had a brainstorm—Michael always says, “that’s dangerous” which earns him a swat!  I am quilting a huge, heavy quilt for LoraLee—the backing is minkie which makes the quilt even heavier—it was going to be very hard wrestling that huge quilt through a sewing machine to sew the binding.  Well, DUH—I can sew the binding on with the longarm and then all that is left is the handwork.  See—brainstorms in the middle of the night! Smile

Well, if the forecasters are correct we could be in for a major winter storm tonight thru Friday—winter storm as in “feets” of snow—oh my!!  Michael took all the weather talk to heart and spent the morning winterizing our sprinkler system and the motorhome.  This afternoon he drove into town and winterized Jill’s sprinkler system—we are all now ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to send our way.  A roaring fire in the woodstove downstairs, glass of wine—we are ready.

I took a drive over to Lonn and LoraLee’s this afternoon to retrieve the fabric for making the binding for her quilt.  We had a good visit and Laci was also there.  The aspens and cottonwoods are turning golden, the chokecherries are vivid red, the mountains are snowcapped—a spectacular drive.



I was saddened to hear author Tom Clancy died today—I love his books and have enjoyed the movies based on his books we have seen.  He was only 66 years old.


  1. I guess it's time for you to batten down the hatches!

  2. I know what 'minkie' is - I think. Paulette uses it on some of her quilts too. Too bad about Tom Clancy as I always enjoyed his books too. Nice pics!

  3. Getting woke up by some aching body part sucks. Used to be I'd just hear about these things. Now I know what they're all talking about. I think I'd rather not know.
    Hope you're ready for that white stuff.

  4. I hope you will post a picture of the completed quilt you are making for LoraLee. My "bones" ache a lot in the early morning. Crazy thing, when I get up they quit hurting. We too were saddened to hear of Tom Cancy's Passing.Hunt for Red October is one of Joe's favorite movies. Sounds like like you are ready for the coming winter storm.

  5. Even Billings is supposed to get 3 to 6 inches of that stuff. I think we left at a really good time. Very sad about Tom Clancy. I also really enjoyed reading his books and he was so young. Good luck with winter.

  6. Jana, Cindy has had me sew her binding on with the big machine almost from when we got it. It is so much easier.

  7. The threat of winter weather does remind one to prepare. It's time we winterize our sprinkler system....! The 5th wheel is done.

  8. It IS amazing how clearly one thinks in the middle of the night. I have wonderful ideas then. Glad you got the quilt matter solved:)

    It doesn't look good for you with the weather. Snow is beautiful but not at the beginning of Oct!


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