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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another One Of Those Productive Days

Wow, did we ever get a workout this morning at yoga—Julia must have been feeling her oats as she had us working hard.  We all frequently marvel at how wonderful it is to have such a great teacher and such a great spot in which to practice yoga—it’s the best!!  We also have yoga dogs—Nancy’s labradoodle, Shine, loves for the other ladies to bring their dogs—Lesley frequently brings Pilgrim who rides sitting in front of Lesley on her dirt bike—gonna have to get a photo of that one!!  If no one comes to play with shine he stands on his bench looking in the windows forlornly at his Mom—he gets a little vocal at times too but we don’t mind! Smile

Michael worked long and hard today getting the roof extension mounted to the other side of his shed.  And, Butterbean, we worry more about wind in this country than snow sliding—we’ve lost more than one shed roof to the wind—thus this one is tucked down in the hillside and isn’t too tall. 

Karen—that quilt is just about finished—I have one more pass to go across the bottom and it will be ready to ship back to you—it’s gorgeous!!

I spent some time on the phone this afternoon arranging appointments and talking to friends and family.  And that’s about it for our Thursday on the Boulder—speaking of the Boulder, look at the fog which was all along the river early this morning—we had a temp of 22 degrees.



  1. Yoga is very good to our body and it helps us in many ways. Amazing snap...

  2. Well I guess you did have a productive day. I'm recuperating nicely, or so they say. But not fast enough for me. It takes me forever to do anything. I can't believe how a surgery can slow me down so much. Happy Friday!!!

  3. Well, we definitely know that Michael doesn't need yoga to get his workout. But 22?? That is cold. Love the fog. Saw there's a winter storm watch going on - so you will probably get snow.


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