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Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Quilting Class

I blew into Big Timber this morning—from the time I got onto the main Boulder road, the wind was howling, I could hardly get my car door open in Big Timber!  But 50 degree temps and all that wind really melted our snow! 

Michael was off to dig up some rocks for Geoff and Nancy so poor Emmi stayed home alone and let me tell you she was quite vocal when I got home!  Poor baby! Smile

At Little Timber Quilts I took a class taught by Vicky on how to miter borders—I get it now—will my mitered borders be perfect, probably not!  It was a great time, there were two other ladies in the class and we had a laughing good time.  Gretchen was sewing borders onto a quilt she had made so we used her as the guinea pig.  Haven’t taken a class in a long time—I should do it more often!  Wish I had taken some photos!

Somehow I managed to leave my wallet at home this morning, it’s a good thing I stash money in different spots in my purse—at least I had enough for lunch!

Back home I listened to Emmi’s woeful tale and got busy cleaning up my house a little.  I used to be a meticulous housekeeper, cleaning/dusting/vacuuming at least one a week, sometimes twice.  These days, there are more important things than a spotless house—like quilting! Winking smileI winter over my geraniums and cutting those back so they can go to the dark basement makes quite the mess but that’s all cleaned up now too.  Even washed all the rugs—I was on a roll!

IMG_9029Most of the snow in the lower half of the photo is now gone thanks to the wind and warmer temps.


  1. I'm sure you'll have more snow to replace what was melted today. :( When are you going to head south?

  2. nice snow picture!! better that it's with you than here with me!!

  3. I love reading about your life, Jenna. Sounds like some kind of fantasy dream life in Montana...oh yes...that is what it is!

  4. Glad your early snow disappeared, but don't hold your breath!! I'm sure there is more where that came from!!!

  5. You two are busy as usual. Glad your snow is melting a bit and hope it stays that way for a while. I sure hope I surrender to the dust here in Arizona soon. I am worn out just from dusting and keeping these two house dog's hair cleaned up

  6. Howdy Janna,
    Janna, Janna slow down and breathe !!! Lordy, I'm out of breath myself, just reading this... Poor little Ms Emmi, she doesn't like being left at home, alone... She'sfraid THAT BEAR'LL come back !!! She'd rather be over at Nat's, than home alone...Your class sounds like FUN... A DIRTY house !! How could you !!! Someone might actually drop-in and SEE it; on a ranch, it's HARD to KEEP house !!! Go see someone's house in town...
    Give Ms Emmi a good hug for us...
    Hope the GOOD weather holds and y'all get to have a HAPPY DAY or few !!!!!

  7. Loved hearing about your quilting class!! I agree, those mitered borders are tricky...but once you wrap your head around it, they are easy! Clean, shmean...who needs a clean house when you have beautifully mitered borders!! :o))


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