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Monday, October 21, 2013

Routine Day And Costco Facts

I had the most awesome surprise email last night from a reader, Sandi, who started reading our blog while we were in Texas.  She sincerely thanked me for taking the time to write a daily blog and mentioned some of the things she liked best about our blog—I was totally taken aback—it made my day without a doubt!!

It’s just been a routine day around here with lots of wind, sunshine and warmer temps.  Just look how much of the snow is gone in this photo of Red and Roan (aren’t we original in our horse names??).

IMG_9052Nat came up for lunch and we ate well once again—he too liked the apple cake!  I spent the day loading Karen’s quilt and have started the quilting process.  It’s looking good Karen!

As Michael was surfing the internet early this morning he read some amazing Costco facts to me:

1.  Costco sells 69 million roasted chickens at $5 each every year!!!!!  Do the math, that’s $345 million in chickens alone!!!  Guess this salmonella scare is putting a dent in the profits??

2.  Costco sell $1.4 billion in wine per year with more than half of the sold wine being fine wines. 

3.  More than 400 of the original 1,000+ employees from its founding in 1983 are still at Costco today.

4.  Costco sells 100 million per year of their $1.50 hotdog/soda combinations.

We are diehard Costco fans, don’t buy many rotisserie chickens but we do seem to buy our share of wine! Smile

Another good day on the Boulder.


  1. I am surprised that the hot dog count isn't even higher when I look at some of the customers roaming around Costco! Not surprised by the other numbers. Interesting, however.

  2. Did it have the number of members that joined in the beginning and are still members?

  3. Chicken is fine had one tonight. The thing about Costco is the stock price , up 250% last ten years with increasing dividend to boot.

  4. those are quite the statistics with regards to Costco!! wonder how much toilet paper they sell?

  5. Hard to believe most of that snow is gone. We have certainly contributed to that number on the hotdog/soda combo. We like Costco.

  6. Wisconsin just got its second Cosco store. There was one near Milwaukee, and now there is one near Green Bay. We may have to take a trip down to Green Bay to check it out!!!

  7. I'll trade wine for chicken any day. And, I too, love reading your blog.

  8. Yes another great day in Montana. I am not sure because I have never seen them but Costco in Canada sells the best Chicken Wings ever. They also have a great Chicken Pot Pie. I see they Sell them at the Costco here but they are Huge. In Canada's Costco they are the size of a normal pie and wow are they ever good.

  9. Of those 100 million hot dogs and soda Costco sells each year, I think I buy 15 million of them! For a $1.99 it's a hard deal to beat. Also, that's a lot of chickens!!

  10. Most interesting Costco facts....and not one of them surprised me. We are Costco fans!


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