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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just Us On A Sunday

Nat thinks I’ve fed him too often lately and didn’t want to come for lunch.  No amount of cajoling would make him drive up today—so it was just us—and I think Michael was wishing his Dad had come for lunch, I feed better!! Smile

Michael worked up at the shed for a while before nasty weather drove him to the heated garage.  It has snowed off and on all day but is now snowing in earnest--

IMG_8971We are under another winter storm watch, expecting 10-16 inches of new snow!

On our walk this morning, Roan decided he needed to visit with the little black dog—Ms. Emmi was having none of that and kept growling at the horse.


We had another visitor yesterday or last night:


And these guys were keeping a close eye on us as we hiked this morning:


I’ve quilted all day and am almost finished with Jane’s quilt—it’s a really big quilt--I am just doing an overall meander and occasional leaf cluster so it is quilting up fast.   It will be a nice warm, fluffy quilt for their cabin bed!

We are tucked in for the night, eating popcorn and watching it snow.


  1. Glad I don't live in Earnest. Is that a town near you:))

  2. The snow makes for pretty photos but not that mud and dripping water. Boy, I don't miss that part of winter.

    I do believe those deer are quite taken by you:)

  3. Sorry we missed you but not the weather you are having. Keep the pictures coming that is the only way I need to see snow anymore.

  4. Wow craziness Janna. Hope to see you in DPS soon. Stay safe and warm.

  5. Yup, winter is approaching. Just teasing a little for now. Watch out for the owner of that huge foot print!!

  6. Looks like a great day to stay inside and quilt.

  7. That footprint looks like it was left by a giant Sasquatch! Time to head south when the snow flies this early.

  8. Howdy Janna, Mike & Ms Emmi,
    Emmi, that's not nice to growl at Roanie, he's just trying to be friendly... Janna, WHERE'D THE MOUNTAINS GO?? Mike, is that shed for the PINK THING & THE TIN TEE-PEE?? I hope Br'er Bear don't invite himself for dinner one of these days !!! Especially as good a cook as you are, Janna !!!!
    I can't believe your saw-mill operator would turn down one of YOUR MEALS.... Maybe he's afraid his son would want to saw some extra boards, in the snow or in the shed that's covered, now !!!
    Hope this snow melts as fast as the other one did and y'all have a HAPPY DAY !!!


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