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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pot Roast and Quilting

Nat came for lunch and I used Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast recipe for the beef roast—it was delicious—comfort food on another gray, cool, misty day.


Unlike the usual method for pot roast, the Pioneer Woman recipe does not place potatoes in the dutch oven with the meat and carrots.  Her reasoning—the potatoes get mushy—and you know what, she is right!  So, we had garlic mashed potatoes and the carrots. 

Michael and I are trying to lose some of the weight we gained this winter and are doing well.  Nat likes dessert but I didn’t want to bake brownies or apple cake then have it sit here tempting us for the next week.  So, I came up with a low calorie dessert—I sliced apples, sprinkled them with cinnamon and the tiniest amount of sugar then sautéed them in about a tablespoon of butter until just tender.  I served them with just a small amount of whipped cream. 

The cowboy is a mechanic today—he has replaced one of the ball joints in the 1995 diesel pickup.  It’s been a chore I think but as I type this he is almost finished.  This morning on our walk, he looked the cowboy part don’t you think??


Looking at my bear art quilt just laying on the table downstairs I decided it could be next in line for quilting.  I used a wide backing fabric from a bolt of fabric I all ready had and wool batting—I love wool batting, so soft and squishy!!  The quilt is on the frame and most of the stitch in the ditching is done. 

Yesterday afternoon I removed all the curtains from the truck camper (we need a catchy name for it) and put them in the washing machine—uh,oh!!  The curtains were some kind of strange almost plastic fabric and they melted/fused to themselves—I did not use hot water!!  So, guess I will be making curtains—we can buy blinds for some of the windows but not the curved ones at the head of the bed.  I have an old Singer book called Sewing For The Home which has detailed instructions for making pleated drapes—yep, the dang things are pleated—wonder if they still make pleater tape???

We’ve had short periods of sunshine this afternoon but right now it’s looking as if rain is about to fall.



  1. We always called our small camps "fly camp" and the dictionary defines it as "a temporary advanced camp at a distance from a base camp", keeping with the rustic name theme.

  2. Now you made me want a good little pot roast! I also like to do the potatoes separate, makes a whole different flavor. Yum. Looking forward to seeing how you fix up the camper! Are you taking it to Alaska this year??? We took the MoHo to Alaska without a speck of trouble, those roads aren't nearly as bad as some people think they are, even the 110 miles of dirt over the Top of the World and a ride on the ferry at Dawson!

  3. another reno project for you! can't wait to see the photos of the finished product!!

  4. Cowboys would like quilts made from denim with carhart emblems all over them.... Brown, blue and tan denim..... LOL..... Maybe like his jacket.... Probably be a while before we see anything like that though....

  5. The apples sound delicious! We had curtains in our camper bed and they were a pain when trying to sleep up there. Had a friend sew a solid panel of heavy fabric with hook-and-loop tape around the entire edge - other side attached around the window - and I just pressed it on/pulled it off as needed. It was also a much better insulator than hanging curtains. Easy, schmeasy.
    Your new addition sounds like a "Haul-Along Cassidy" :-)))).

  6. That's a great picture of Michael. I find giving up desserts the toughest part of trying to lose weight.


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