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Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Different View In More Ways Than One

Early this morning while the sun was still shining we took a longer walk to check out the irrigation ditch flow—this time of year with the high water flow the culverts can stop up with sticks and junk causing water to flow over the ditch bank—really, really not a good thing!  The view from that elevation is even more breathtaking than what we normally see every day and gives my readers some new photos!



Michael spent the morning working on one of those wobbly legs which hold up the truck camper—it had a leaky spot which of course he fixed!  I spent the morning working on Jeane’s pink quilt and almost finished quilting it before lunch! 

After lunch we left in a proverbial blizzard—literally it was snowing/raining/sleeting in wind driven sheets!!  We were heading to Missoula—we are on a mission—more news to come later!  All afternoon we drove through storms—we would have sunshine for 5 miles then snow/rain/sleet again.  The Butte hill was really blizzard like—roads were good, just wet.


Now in Missoula it is spring—sunshine, trees have leaves and the daffodils are blooming—what’s up with this???  Most definitely a lower elevation I am thinking cause our trees are still winter ugly with no leaves!!

More tomorrow!


  1. Janna,
    Love it when you mention the different Montana towns .... Went to undergraduate school with so many friends from those towns and I can remember the stories they told when you take your road trips ....
    Memories ....
    Know what you mean about the water backing up in the creek and branch beds.
    That happens a lot up in The Smokie Mts. at my place .... End up with the lower driveway flooded when I come down the mountain ... If I can keep all the riff-raff out of the main creek the water keeps running with no back up .....
    Photos always terrific..... Still living high on that last quilt of the grandmother's
    gowns and robes .... That was FANTASTIC !!!!!

  2. I wonder if that mission is a new truck?

  3. Liked the new view. The weather seems to be more than weird this year. Snow flurries forecast for Moab, tonight.

  4. I think I sense a new truck in your future!! Looking forward to seeing the pics.

  5. I am with Rick in the belief that you two found a truck for the camper. Lovely mountain scenics.

  6. Yep, me thinks 'tis a truck you've gone to see! If not, you'll have to go find one real quick so we aren't all disappointed :-). The snowy pics are pretty - glad the storm didn't cause you any issues.


  7. Looks like your not hiding anything from your faithful readers... Lets hope its a nice truck!!! LOL


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