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Monday, May 12, 2014

One Of Those Springs

Yep, this is just one of those springs, even the horses are thinking—is it ever going to stop snowing and warm up???  Our first snow fall this past winter was on October 4, 2013—two feet.  It is still snowing seven months later—that’s a very, very long winter if you ask me!!



Michael spent the morning getting all the mud and muck off the motorhome and jeep—that was a cold, nasty job!  I finished Jeane’s pink quilt and got another one for her on the frame.  Gertrude (the Roomba) did her thing today too—I still love that vacuum cleaner!  That’s the extent of our day—the weather is giving me the doldrums!!

Thanks to all who left comments about our new rig—we still think it’s a keeper!  I forgot to say last night—it’s an unusual RV—it was clean, immaculate—no cleaning needed.  Foretravel has some nice touches, too—a central vacuum system (remember this is a 1990 coach), pantry shelving which pulls out:

IMG_1211a dedicated spice rack cabinet:

IMG_1212a small but very nice bathroom with a new shower door:

IMG_1210IMG_1206The wooden piece on the right is the table—the portion with the hand hold you can see lifts and folds out—there are no chairs, we would have to carry a couple folding ones I suppose.  The original furniture consisted of two easy chairs which you could use for dining also—that would have been wall to wall furniture! 

The black appliance you see below the counter top is a full size ice maker!!  We will probably remove it and convert that cabinet into a trash can spot—one which rolls out on a drawer slide.  We don’t use a lot of ice and the ice maker requires electrical hookups—we plan on boondocking a lot in this rig!

IMG_1208The bedroom is all bed—at some time in the life of this older coach the bed was a full size and there was room to walk around.  One owner built a larger platform to fit a queen size mattress and now there is just barely room to squeeze between that set of drawers you see in the photo and the end of the bed.  One of us will be sleeping up against the rear wall of the coach—unhandy but better than crawling down out of a truck camper bed???  I don’t like the curtains in the coach and will probably order some day/night shades for the three windows which have curtains.  And I will make new drapes for the front windshield—the current ones are probably original and show it. 

Alaska here we come!


  1. Welcome to the "great white north" 9 months of winter, and 3 months of poor sledding.

  2. Uhoh. I missed something while we were at the beach. Time to go find out about this new rig. Love JBs comment. Reminds me of living in Northern Idaho.

  3. I don't know what I like the best . . . the beautiful snow or the RV. At least the snow is not staying!


  4. Love the rig !!!! Looks homey and just enough room .... Such a find !!!!

  5. Again, I really like the quality of the wood cabinets. They look very solid & well built. We have the same thoughts about ice makers..

  6. This rig looks so nice, can't believe it's that old....Says something about Foretravel quality.
    so glad you found it..

  7. Great find. Somehow, I'm not surprised at all....I know you'll enjoy great adventures in the little coach!

  8. That's a great looking older rig. Kelly Florence sent me over here to take a look at what you bought and I'm glad I stopped by. I'll be making return visits from now on to read about your travels in this "new" rig of yours. I can't believe the snow you are still getting. It is starting to get "tropical" down here in Southern Indiana as I can already feel the humidity this morning.

  9. Perhaps I missed it, but are you going to Alaska this summer? (assuming that winter ends at some point)

  10. Foretravel quality is evident in the cabinetry. Nice rig! It will serve you well on the Alaska trip.

    I chuckled when I read JB's comment about winter weather.......! Growing up in Alberta, I concur with his point.

  11. Looks like it's in ship shape!

    We have that full size ice maker and really didn't think we would use it much until we now realize that we DO! It makes ice a lot faster than our fridge in the house for sure. Even a morning of generator running for other things or being on quick overnight hookups can give you a big full bin of ice to transfer to zip locks for the freezer. (I like 3 cubes of ice in my tall coffee mug each morning) And when not in use while boondocking, it doubles as a potatoe/onion bin as storage instead of taking up valuable cupboard space or stinky in the fridge space.... just saying... we thought twice once we started using it!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  12. Love the Alaska rig, especially the spacious pantry and spice rack. Dang, that it a lot of snow.


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