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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Juki Goes Around The World and Quilts

Not quite around the world but the little Juki mid-arm quilting machine has done a bit of traveling!  About four years ago, we purchased a Juki sewing machine mounted on a Grace frame—it’s called a mid-arm instead of longarm due to the reduced space available for moving the quilt machine around—the Juki set up has about nine inches of quilting space, my longarm has 26 inches.  Well, it didn’t take me long to figure out I really didn’t need two quilting machines and I sold the Juki to my friend Mary.  She too decided to buy a longarm—with my encouragement! Smile--and our friend Jeane bought the Juki.  A couple weeks ago Jeane sold the Juki to a young woman in Billings.

Tuesday Jeane and I headed to Billings to see if we could get the machine set-up completed for Katie—her husband had given up.  Well, Jeane and I struggled without the cowboy but we did make progress—just not quite perfect yet.  The cowboy gave us some advice once I got home and hopefully Katie has her new sewing machine up and running now.

Jeane and I had a great lunch at a Thai restaurant—somewhere neither of our husbands would think of going!  We visited a couple quilt shops and Costco before getting back to Big Timber.

As for the quilt part of the blog title—I’ve been trying very hard to make a dent in my customer quilt pile and two of the finished ones belonged to Jeane.  I also finished another one today—one of those “thorny rose quilts.” Smile


IMG_1292IMG_1294Every time I use this pantograph—Square Spirals, I love it more and more—I really like the texture it creates. 

The trees finally have a few leaves, the grass is green—spring may finally be here!  Yesterday and today were gorgeous days.  We’ve about finished up all the repair work on the truck camper—roof vent covers replaced, paint, cushions shampooed, it’s looking great!


  1. So Janna, how's this? I took a book out of the library in Parksville on Vancouver Island this afternoon. Right near the beginning the person pulls out of Big Timber and heads up the Boulder! How many times have I read that on this blog?? The title is Forsaken and the author is BJ Daniels, based in Malta, MT. Just thought I'd share that in case you hadn't heard of it.

  2. That Juki must be a good machine to have worked and traveled around. Nice quilt work, Janna.

  3. Beautiful quilts! I need to come visit just to understand this machine and how it works.

  4. Gorgeous quilts! Is your bear one on a bed or hanging up? Spring has sprung here in Elkhart and it's just beautiful with the rain and now the sunny days. Nice.

  5. Gorgeous quilting, Janna!! My friend has a Juki and loves it!! She calls it her Work Horse as it plows through anything!

  6. I've helped Paulette setup a few quilting frames and can guarantee it's no fun at all. Great job on the quilting, it looks terrific.

    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News

  7. The quilts are lovely. Your customers must be so excited when they get them back and see their vision realized - likely better than they pictured it! Glad it is finally spring-ing up there. I can hear the energy in your "voice". Remember to show us pics of the spiffed-up camper before you sell it!

  8. Gorgeous. You give me a new appreciation for quilts.


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