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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day and Mike McFall You Won’t Believe What Came Home With Us

IMG_6882Last year Mother’s Day was spent in Texas and I got to spend the day with my dear Mom.  This year she was far, far away in Arkansas and I missed her.  We did talk on the phone and I sent her flowers.  Her Mother’s Day present from us is my arrival in AR around the end of the month!  Happy Mother’s Day to all your Moms out there!

As you all know we’ve been looking for a truck so we could haul this truck camper to Alaska.  Well, the pool of trucks for sale in our price range and specifications was poor in Montana to say the least.  We would find the perfect truck, call and be told, “oh, by the way, the truck has 300,000 miles on it!”  Saturday just before lunch Michael came in and said, “I’ve been thinking.”  Oh, no, red flag waving—I hate it when those words come out of his mouth!!! 

His thoughts were if we couldn’t find a truck why not start looking for a good Class C motorhome to take to Alaska.  After Saturday lunch I sat down at my computer and even though I wasn’t enthralled with the idea of a Class C (I could still remember Al’s blog about falling out of the top bunk) started looking.  The first ad which caught my eye read, “Foretravel—1990—Many Improvements.”  Oh, my!!!  Absolutely gorgeous inside—new carpet, new captains chairs, sofa recovered in soft creamy, buttery leather, new flat screen TV’s, new mattress, new shower door, walnut cabinetry, the list went on and on. 

Michael looked at the ad and he too was intrigued—the only problem, it was in Missoula, almost five hours away.  But, what else did we have to do on a crummy, snowy day???  I wanted to go in the comfortable Cadillac but my practical husband said, “let’s take the jeep and if we buy the motorhome we can tow the jeep home.” 

As you know we spent last night in Missoula—oh, how I hate hotel rooms!!—and went to see the motorhome about 9am this morning in a pouring rain/snow storm!  We spent a couple hours looking it over and took it for a test drive—it’s a gas powered motorhome so doesn’t have near the power our diesel pusher Country Coach does.   We puttered home over the two mountain passes at a slower speed but we did just fine!

It was beautiful, comfortable and SHORT—29 feet!!!!  Perfect for taking to Alaska!  And we bought it!  The owners of the Foretravel, Bill and Susie were a delight—I fell in love with their standard poodle Charlie and their Yorkie, Zoey. 

So, now we have two motorhomes and a truck camper—anyone in the mood to buy a RV???  We will put the truck camper back together and sell it.  Depending on our future plans—property in Arizona or not—we will probably sell one or the other of the motorhomes when we return from Alaska. 

When we got back to Big Timber tonight there was this huge stormy cloud hanging in the sky up the Boulder.  We drove home in a blizzard!!  This also meant the three miles of gravel road we traverse to our house was a muddy/mucky mess.  The Foretravel and the jeep now need a bath to say the least!

IMG_1195IMG_1196That isn’t peeling paint on the front, it’s snow!!

IMG_1179Emmi seems to be right at home doesn’t she!

You never know what this gang is up to, do you???


  1. congrats on your new Alaska bound rig! sounds like a keeper!!!

  2. OMG....I love the antics of you and your Cowboy! I jump to your blog because I just know it will have something quite interesting. Congrats on your rchase and I hope the m/h brings you an unforgettable experience on your AK trip and I mean that to be all good!!

  3. Congratulations! Nice looking rig. Bof'um.

  4. An exciting way to start a new adventure!

  5. I like the aerodynamic front end. Has a nice shape to it & how refreshing from the big blocky front ends most all Class A's have nowadays. And of course Foretravel spells quality. Like the darker rich looking wood cabinetry inside. Think you guys will be all snuggly buggly in your cozy 29 feet:))

  6. You guys buy and sell vehicles like nobody else I know.

  7. Congrats. Looks like the perfect rig to take to Alaska. I'm sure it'll be much more comfortable and convenient than travelling in a truck and camper.

  8. Too funny! You guys never do things the small way. Looks like you found a beauty!! You sure have a knack for finding these hidden gems. Would love to see more interior pics.
    Nina & Paul (wheelingit)

  9. Glad you didn't end up with a Class C - this one looks just perfect. And we all were wrong about you going to get a pick-up after all :-)........never a dull moment with you two!

  10. Looks perfect for a trip to Alaska! If we ever decide to do the Alaska trip, we will either rent or buy something small for the trip. I am not a fan of taking our home up there on those roads. Gee, maybe your "new" vehicle will be for sale. We can pass it around!!

  11. Great plan! 29'feet is pretty nice when you board that ferry crossing the Yukon. Great for the beautiful provincial parks along the way as well. Congrats on your purchase.

  12. Perfect.....I like it.already ....

    Such a nice picture of you & your's like looking into your future Janna.

  13. Yup. when Steveio says those same words: "I've been thinking" it usually is gonna cost us a lot ,and it's usually a complete flip flop of our original plans! LOL LOL

    We had a 28ft Coachmen about the same layout, and it was much easier to get into and out of interesting boondocking spots for sure compared to our big diesel pusher now.

    Life is an adventure, for sure!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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