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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hailstorms, Wildlife and A Good Nat Story

Wow—maybe I should never have written a daily blog—when I don’t write one for a couple days I have lots to tell you about!! 

So, let’s start in order:

IMG_1282IMG_1285Sunday afternoon late the skies clouded, the temps dropped and all of a sudden I could hear hail/rain over the noise of the longarm!  It’s May, not July/August when hail storms are common!  Our hail was about marble size—the cowboy says, “big marble” as he was heading to the house from the garage and was pelted!!  Billings was hit with some baseball size hail!!!

And here’s a very good Nat story about hail—Nat told me when he was about six or seven and out helping his Dad fence they experienced a hail storm.  His Dad was stretching the wires with a team of horses when the wire caught on some obstruction.  Nat tells me he doesn’t remember if his Dad told him to go lift the wire or if he decided to be a big man and run release the wire himself.  But no matter how he got to the wire, when Nat lifted the wire it snapped and lashed him across the palm opening up a big cut.  His Dad grabbed him, jumped on one of the horses and headed for the house.  They were nearing a bunkhouse when the hail started and the horse stopped—Nat said all the ole horse wanted to do was turn his butt to the hailstorm.  So, his Dad, holding Nat and the horse reins ran for the bunkhouse and let the horse follow them into the building!  Now, isn’t that just the coolest story!

Nat doesn’t think the doctor even stitched his hand but he does remember (typical little boy) how he couldn’t wash his hands for a few weeks! 

A friend posted great wildlife photos from up the Boulder—five different moose, one a mom and baby, seen over the weekend.  The cowboy suggested we take a drive last night and look for wildlife.  Well, we saw herds of deer, a marmot, a muskrat in the neighbor’s pond and a fox.  No moose, elk or bear—but it was still a gorgeous drive and sunset over our mountains when we were coming home was spectacular!!




This is not the greatest photo but somewhere along the line yesterday evening Ms. Emmi decided to help Michael drive—now before you get all worried—we were on a gravel road going about 10 mph!


Next up—a fun girl’s day out and quilts.


  1. Gorgeous sunset, and I can just imagine how a young boy would be happy about not having to wash his hands for a week or so. :)

  2. Beautiful sunset photos, Janna. Emmi sure looks like she knows how to handle a steering wheel.

    I guess Nat was lucky that barbed wire fence didn't catch him in the face - that would have smarted some!

    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News

  3. Good to see a new post from you. I enjoy hearing about the happenings on your ranch even if you think they are mundane. ;-)
    And a few photos of your working on quilt's doesn't hurt either.

  4. great recap of your last few days! nice that Michael let 'emmi' drive!!

  5. You live in a beautiful part of America! Hail and all. Glad no vehicles were damaged during this post.

  6. I suppose since Emmi has a (dog) license that means she thinks can drive???? Lol

    LOVE the sunset shot!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  7. Nice photos, Janna. Good story about Nat`s fencing experience; injury too.

    A clear photo with Emmi at the wheel would have made the YouTube rounds in huge numbers.LOL

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  9. " we hopped in the car and went to look for moose....." what a blessed life you have :-). And that beautiful sunset on the mountains sure adds to that. With six sons I think little boy stories are the bestest - thanks for sharing Nat's.


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