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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pregnancy Becomes Her, More Memorial Day and A Quilt Finish

Our granddaughter Laci, due in a couple months—I think pregnancy becomes her!

Another glorious day here in Montana—sunshine, blue skies, a little breeze—nice enough for the cowboy and I to drag out the lawn equipment, first time this year!  The yards could have used a haircut a week or more ago but too many other things to do—such as go camping! Smile

I thought a photo of the truck camper made it into the little video creation but no—so:


And here are some photos from Katie’s camera:

mdPeople take their lives into their own hands standing on the side of the road to carve messages—Katie was quick, no message writing for her!  That’s some deep snow isn’t it! 

md2Katie and her Dad, Lonn.

md3Katie and Michael

md4Not quite sure how Katie got up on top of this mound of snow!

IMG_1411-001My little bear art quilt—completed!  I quilted it using a technique called piano keys in the striped border, crosshatching in the green background and after sewing an applique stitch all around the outside of the bear, flower and paws, I heavily stippled the bear’s body.  It’s hanging on the living room wall and makes me smile every time I walk past!  The pattern is by Laura Heine at Fiberworks Quilt Shop in Billings.

Tomorrow afternoon I am heading to Arkansas for a week of visiting with my family—just taking the little iPad so blogs could be even more sporadic! Winking smile


  1. It is hard to believe Laci is due soon. She is so small and does look wonderful.

    That quilt is gorgeous:)

    Have a wonderful trip;)

  2. Our Coquihalla high mountain highway over the BC Rocky Mountains often presents snow banks that high.....and higher. Nice photos.

    Jeanette loves the bear quilt......oh....and me too.

  3. Quilt looks terrific !!! Laci is beaming and looks so healthy ..... How much fun to have a baby on the way ..... CONGRATULATIONS to all !!!
    Hope your trip to see your family is lots of fun !!! Enjoy every minute of it ....

  4. Laci truly glows :-). Finally a pic of the truck camper! Looks like the bed is huge - always a bonus. Glad to see the bear has a place of honor, it's so purdy! Enjoy your Arkansas visit and travel safely.

  5. I have to agree that those stairs out of the camper look kind of hazardous. Watch your step!

  6. Laci looks wonderful, she reminds me of how our Carrie looked when she was expecting!

    Beautiful colors in your quilt. Nice job.

    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News

  7. I almost missed seeing Laci's baby bump and your gorgeous quilt!! She looks radiant...I bet you can't wait to get your hands on that baby!! Such a fun time!! The quilt looks lovely gracing the walls of your home! Perfect for a log house!!


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