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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eagles And Volkswagens

Sunshine, glorious sunshine today—hallelujah!!  Michael spent the entire day working on the truck camper—he’s taking out the windows and re-caulking them, replacing broken roof vents, etc.  I finished scrapping off all the wallpaper inside this afternoon. 

Yoga this morning, steaks for lunch then I baked all the desserts for taking to Lonn’s tomorrow—it’s time for branding—he’s having the main food catered from Pioneer Meats in town. 

Our Dogpound North friends, John and Brenda are both on the same wave length today—this afternoon I got this photo from John who called it a “project for Mike.” 

Photo: Here you go, a project for Mike, and with the weather patterns lately it may become a year round vehicle.

Photo: You're probably thinking this VW was "yarn-bombed" or modge-podged, but you'd be wrong on BOTH counts!  This VW was actually BEADED! It took 8 bead artisans over 9000 hours to accomplish this look!  --- this morning I got this photo from Brenda who called it “a project for you and your bug.”  I thought it was paint but no, it’s beads!!!

Bird Lady Judy—you will be proud of me when you see these photos:

IMG_1227IMG_1231IMG_1232IMG_1239Is he a juvenile bald eagle?

And yes, Judy, we are going to Alaska this summer—putting the RV on the ferry and heading north—may take the ferry back down or we may drive—we are flexible!!  We aren’t leaving until after our great-grandchild is born sometime in late July.

It’s amazing how much a little sunshine improves my mood!


  1. We saw some fun bugs buzzing around Bisbee AZ, but not as elaborately beaded like that one!

    Hey, last night is the first night we put the "new" quilt on the bed! The heavy comforter from all winter is too hot now, so the ligherweight quilt is just right! thanks again for the fine job you did in quilting it!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Okey, those bugs were too of the line in the custom world !!! Love the baby eagle !!!

  3. That was TOP OF THE LINE ....

  4. Very cool cars! Love the eagle pictures. That eye looking at you makes you want to run and hide! Glad you had sun. Keep up the good work and beautiful pictures. K-

  5. That beading is crazy! Maybe you could quilt a car-cozy? Looks like your eagle is soaking up that sun just like you........nice shots!

  6. Preparing for the Alaska trip is exciting.

    I can see practical applications that track rigged Volkswagen could provide for the area you live in. Very cool!

  7. Nice Eagle photos & being a VW Bug guy from way back in 63 I always enjoy seeing what folks are doing with their Beetles.


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