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Friday, May 9, 2014

One Less Toy

With a little sadness we watched our Toyota MR2 head down the driveway just after lunch time today.  We bought this sweet little car several years ago and loved using it in the summer for road trips to Yellowstone Park or up to Niehart to visit friends. 

IMG_8745But, it seems our interests have changed—ATV’s and jeeps—plus we found the Cadillac to be a much more comfortable car for driving the distances we drive here in Montana.  The MR2 is a rear engine car with absolutely no storage—the spare tire is under the hood and the engine is in the trunk so to speak.  There were two very small compartments behind the seats—if we made a trip to Costco, it had to be a very limited trip!   Still, it was sad to watch it leave today but we are starting to downsize—we still have three licensed vehicles not counting the motorhome and only two drivers!

I spent the entire day in the quilting studio—I finished quilting my bear art quilt and now all that’s left to do is attach the binding.  I loaded a quilt for my friend Jeane—it’s a pretty pink quilt—ready to start quilting tomorrow. 

Sunshine yesterday but rain today.



  1. That looked to be a fun sports car, no wonder you were sad to see it go.

    The last photo of the snow covered mountains is a real beauty!

  2. Love the pictures of the snow but I too am sad about seeing the car go away. I remember my first car and how much fun it was to have a convertible.

  3. I feel your pain for the loss of your little car. It was sad to give up my Miata several years ago, but the 6-speed stick was a pain in L.A. traffic. The Cadillac sounds like a much better Costco car!

  4. I too would have been sad to see that pretty little sports car drive off. had to make room for a truck to carry that Alaska bound camper, right?

  5. I know I am going to have to get rid of my Miata. We really need a Jeep or a Jeep-type vehicle. Does quilting make you feel warmer in cold weather?

  6. I sold my red convertible with a white top about 15 years ago. It was not a grocery getter either. This past Saturday night it was beautiful out, we were in my jeep (with the top on) and I told the blacksmith, this is the perfect weather for a convertible. But still I am not going to buy one! Maybe just take the jeep top off.


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