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Friday, May 2, 2014

Dinner With Friends And Emmi Loses Her Ball

Right after we took a walk this morning Michael began getting things ready to unload the truck camper.  And John, we thought about hauling the truck camper on the flatbed but our flatbed is way too tall—the bed overhang of the camper cleared the truck cab roof by about a foot—it looked a little strange to say the least.  We also caught some wind being that high. 

We have a short flat bed trailer—those spindly jacks which are used to raise a truck camper make me nervous--I was ready to get that thing lowered onto the trailer before the wind tipped it over!!  It is safely on the trailer and now we can start cleaning—of course the seller said it was clean—and fixing a few minor items.  We are anxious to try it out although we won’t be getting very far up into the mountains yet, way too much snow, plus we need to find a truck! 


This afternoon we headed over the hill, retrieved Lonnie and met Sarge and Sarah at the Rib and Chop House for dinner.  We enjoyed an evening of great conversation, laughter and delicious food.  I had the beef filet which was fork tender—awesome!

Besides being left home alone, Emmi had another tragic experience Winking smile--I was outside playing ball with her, she batted the ball trying to catch it, the ball went in the creek and roared away never to be seen again.  The poor little dog stood looking over the creek bank so forlornly—I had to come inside and find her another ball.  With all the snow melt, our creek is definitely roaring!


  1. At least Emmi didn't jump in after it!

  2. Yes, thank goodness Emmi did go after it.

    Looking forward to photos of the truck camper!!

  3. One can never trust those ball-snatching creeks! Glad the camper made a safe transition - those long skinny jacks always made me nervous as well. Hard to beat good steak with good friends for a perfect night out.

  4. You can always get another ball to chase but you wouldn't find another Emmi - glad she was too darned smart to jump in after it.

  5. Good luck finding the right truck for your camper. Looking forward to seeing the two merged into one.

    I imagine Emmi had sad eyes when she saw her ball floating away.


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