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Saturday, May 3, 2014

What Happened To Our Sunshine

I guess we were only allotted three days of sunshine, yesterday we had this:


Today we have this:

IMG_1089It has looked like this all day but no rain or snow has fallen—at least we don’t have the snow (yet) that John and Brenda are getting at Dogpound North.

Michael spent some time sprucing up the new to us truck camper and ordered some replacement parts from Amazon—to replace cracked fan covers, etc.  I spent the day quilting and finished the little “grandmothers flower garden” piece.  This quilt has quite the story and once the owner has seen it I will post photos and the story.

Poor Emmi got a bath today but she did get a welcome surprise—Michael found her ball—it had gotten hung up in limbs caught in the creek.  I put the “spare” back in the house in case we have this problem again.  Our little creek is usually just a babbling brook except during this time of year when the snow is melting—it’s moving along rather rapidly right now.

This ugly guy was courting his girlfriend who was hiding from Mr. Amorous up in our tall spruce tree right outside the dining room windows this morning—I would hide in the tree too if the cowboy looked like that!! 


The little early wildflowers are starting to appear—shooting stars, I didn’t capture the pretty purple color very well.



  1. Ugly!??? Poor little feller. I think he's a right handsome cock.

  2. What kind of cock is he? So glad Emmi has her ball back! :-) K-

  3. It looks like spring may actually happen for you:) Adorable shooting stars! Aww, I think he is a rather cute fellow:) Glad Emmi has her prize possession back!

  4. We were missing the sun for a couple days then got a few near 100 - your cool foggy day looks pretty sweet now :-). Mr A is quite the dandy but I think he overdid the yellow on his "eyebrows". Probably didn't have a mirror. Look forward to seeing the quilt and reading it's story.

  5. I would love to see that guy strutting his stuff!


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