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Saturday, May 17, 2014


If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know I usually post daily—when we are not traveling I’ve been struggling to write something I thought someone might find interesting.  Rick gave me the kick in the pants to finally make a decision.  We exchanged an email when Rick wrote his post about giving up his RV blog and starting a new—not daily blog.  One word in his email stuck in my mind—“albatross.”  That’s what the blog has become—an albatross—and I don’t want that to continue.

I love to write, I’ve kept a journal for the last 20+ years—hand written before I started this blog—and I want to continue that, just not every day.  Michael and I like the blog platform as it gives us a searchable document for when we need to remember something (and at our ages that’s important!)  My leather bound journals require a little more sleuthing—takes a while! 

So, with that said, I am going to continue this blog, just not every day.  I will write when I have something to write about—it may be every day, every other day or not for three or four days. 

IMG_1256Another action shot of our precious Emmi!

We had a beautiful day today and the cowboy took advantage burning several brush piles we had accumulated from the winter damage to our trees. 


Yesterday and today I worked in the truck camper—some of the wallpaper had started peeling, the former owners had peeled some of it away and the rest looked awful.  So, I ripped all the wallpaper off a week or so ago and went to work painting the wood left underneath—it’s looking good!  One more coat and I should be finished—a nice, soft, restful yellow—the same paint we used in the Tin Tee Pee we sold. 


Every summer we get an influx of little lazuli bunting birds—almost always we see the first one on May 15 and this year was no exception—I saw one bunting on May 15 and I haven’t seen another one since!  What gives with that???  Shirley or Nancy probably have better bird seed!! 

Friday we made a run to Billings—I desperately needed a haircut and it was time for a teeth cleaning at the dentist.  I should be 10 pounds lighter as much hair as Becky cut but no, of course not!  We made lots of other stops and had a great lunch at CJ’s. 

Look at this gorgeous quilt a client brought me for quilting today--

IMG_1270Sharon is a new client—she is a blasting/explosives engineer working near the North Slope in Alaska—one month at a time then home for a month.  I would say she engineers quilts quite well too!

We thank you all so much for your faithfulness to this blog and for your concerns when I don’t show up daily.  I trust you will understand when I’m absent for a few days!  I am sure when we head to Alaska I will once again be blogging daily!



  1. It's a funny thing, now that I've announced that I may not blog every day I've gained a new freedom and writing a blog is much easier.. I don't get up in the morning and immediately begin thinking about what I'm going to write about that night. Like you, I don't mind writing a journal about my day but I sure began to dread the feeling that I had to! The next time I'm "stuck for something to write about" I'm just not going to write a post. In fact, I'm going to deliberately take a day or so off this week just to make sure.

  2. Like that action shot of little Lady Emms.

  3. Yes daily blogging does become a chore and sometimes you give up doing something else just to do the blog. Doing it at a more relaxed pace will definitely open up a lot of missed adventures.
    Looking forward to hearing from you then.
    Great shot of Emmi.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I gave up writing my Blog over a year ago. Just found it too boring even for me. Once in awhile I think I would like to write again if something interesting happens which is not too often. I always read all the Blogs I am following hough which is enjoyable. Have fun not writing :-)

  5. Yes, I came to the same conclusion! Blogging just isn't fun when you are forced to 'come up with something'!! That butterfly quilt is very different...can't wait to see how you quilt it!!

  6. I gave up blogging a year ago or so...lots of reasons but mainly I just got tired of sharing in order to keep an audience. I didn't delete my blog but I did delete my posts because....I don't know seemed like living in the past which I try not to do. We are building a house one mile north of North Ranch and maybe we can get together for happy hour next winter at our house....

  7. I am sure it will be very liberating for you, as it was Rick, to not feel the need to write when there really isn't much to say. It will help me out. as well:) Some days there are so many blogs posted that I have to pick and chose who to read:( I don't like to have to do that but there just isn't enough time. And if I miss a day, oh boy! So, I will be looking forward to your post when ever you write. And, yes, when you go to Alaska, you will need to do a lot more writing:)

    Love Emmi's high flying!!!

  8. I never was a daily blogger, but almost. I came to the same conclusion some time ago. I write when the spirit moves me. Less pressure that way. ;)

  9. If I thought I needed to write a blog every day, I would have quit a long time ago:)

  10. Your client's quilt is gorgeous. I love those colors. I've never been a daily blogger....every day just isn't always that interesting. I try to write about quilty stuff and I just don't get that much finished.

  11. Totally understand the decision! In fact I've always been amazed at how the daily bloggers are able to keep it up.
    Nina and Paul

  12. I am always amazed how some people manage to post daily. I have always posted as and when I felt like it,usually when I had photos to share or something specific I needed to get out. I sometimes go a couple weeks between posts if we're in limbo with nothing happening but when we're traveling through great photo opportunities, it can become daily for a while. I always enjoy your Montana and travel posts. My days seem so busy I have trouble reading other peoples posts some days so don't know how I could write up a post as well. I write my posts in a word doc then copy and paste when it is time to put the post together.

  13. That is a great decision, Janna .... Always good to keep retirement fun and open as far as choices go ... The soft yellow paint on your camper sounds like a super solution.... Much better than wallpaper.... The blasting engineer made a beautiful quilt, so colorful... Wait till you give it the finishing touches ...
    Hear from you when you are feeling like it !!!

  14. The beauty of this "genre" is the freedom to create and share in one's own way, and change that when the urge strikes. Daily bloggers remind me there is something note-worthy in every day, and I appreciate that. With less-frequent bloggers I see the most special moments (including the bumps) of their last several days, the things they most want to remember shared with me like a gift - those are appreciated as well. A favorite part of my day is drinking my morning coffee while reading the latest posts, and I enjoy the variety of daily and intermittent blogs. I think we need variety to stay balanced and I'm glad you are making the changes you need for you. I bet your client who blows stuff up and quilts beautiful butterflies knows a lot about a balanced life :-)))))))) !

  15. It has been well over one year ago that I chose to only write a post when I felt I had something to say and photos to show. I understand your thoughts.

  16. Janna.
    Love that colorful butterfly quilt! Can hardly wait until you work your magic on it.

  17. Oh, I am so sorry you won't be posting daily, I do so love to read what is going on in your life. I enjoy hearing about your cooking, your Rumba, your quilting and your RV switcheroo's. I will miss visiting each day, but, as with most things in life, you get used to change. I certainly understand feeling like you HAVE to take care of us armchair travelers, just like a bunch of baby Robins, you just feed us and feed us and we never get full. : )) Please enjoy your life and know that you have some interested people out here that pretty much hang on your words with wide eyed wonder and whether its every day or ever 3 days, we'll still enjoy!! Thanks for letting us know tho!

  18. Ooh that butterfly quilt is very pretty! Show us how it looks after you get it quilted ,please?

    I only blog when I have something to share lately. but when we travel, then I try to do it day after day, .. not only to entertain the readers, but also keep a "diary" for me!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  19. Well I used to try to catch your journal last thing at night and Rick's first thing in the morning so I guess I will just have to cancel the days in between you guys blogs. But I do get "it", it has been a long time since I felt driven to tell folks what was up everyday. Although it is usually exciting to me, I felt others would soon tire of my life at one Dogpound or another.

  20. I live your blog and will continue to read and smile whenever you write. I am just glad you are taking the time to enjoy.

    We were in your "neck of the woods" today. We decided to take a ride and ended up traveling to Livingston and then over Swingley Road to the Natural Bridge and back to Big Timber on the pavement. It is gorgeous in your world.

  21. No one said blogging had to be a daily thing. I read them when ever they come. If you are like me I don't always have something to blog about, or maybe the time to write it!

    See ya blog soon!

  22. Glad you will continue to write. I love catching up with you all through the blog and admiring the wonderful pictures of Montana and the incredible talents of quilting. And of course, the adorable pictures of Emmi.

  23. its best to write when you have something to say! I know that I could never be a daily blogger, but kudos to those who can and do!
    that Emmi sure knows how to have 'fun'!!


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