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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What A Great Time

Jeane and I just had a spectacular two days at the Quilting Hen in the huge metropolis (pop. 80) of Carter, MT.  We left here early Friday morning and headed to Fort Benton (pop. 1400).  Our lodging was located in Fort Benton, about 14 miles from Carter and we needed to grab some lunch. 

OK, our little town Big Timber (pop. 1800) has a shortage of decent restaurants and that is an understatement!!!  Jeane and I ate in THREE excellent restaurants in Fort Benton this weekend.  First was lunch on Friday—the place was a little dumpy but oh, my!  I had a Reuben sandwich on homemade, thick rye bread—it was delicious.  Jeane had a sandwich on tomato/basil bread—YUM! 

Friday afternoon the ladies at the Quilting Hen welcomed us with open arms and introduced Jeane to her new machine.  Patty, the Pfaff educator person sat down with us and went over and over the basics of the machines.  By 5pm Jeane and I were brain dead and more than a little ready for a glass of wine!  Off we went back to Fort Benton.

Fort Benton is a National Historic Site on the banks of the Missouri River.  Filled with tourists in the summer, this time of year it is just a quiet little Montana town filled with local farmers and ranchers.  Our lodging was “quaint” and Winnie (she was probably about 75-80 years old) took care of us efficiently! 

Jeane had brought along a bottle of wine and we enjoyed a glass before heading down to the historic Grand Union Hotel for dinner.  Oh, MY AGAIN!  Don’t know why I didn’t take any photos there, guess I was just busy drooling!  The old hotel is beautiful, sitting right on the banks of the Missouri, tin ceilings, old dark gorgeous woodwork.  Our service was outstanding and we had one of the best meals I have ever eaten! 

Saturday morning we woke to cool temps and rain.  We needed to be at the quilt shop by nine and we were both in need of breakfast—I love traveling with someone that loves breakfast as much as I do!  And we found another great place to eat—the Wake Cafe.  A coffee shop serving breakfast and lunch with a quirky, fun decor.  Excellent coffee and breakfast.  We also picked up a couple sandwiches to take with us for lunch.IMG_2196 IMG_2195 OK, that’s three excellent meals in Fort Benton, what’s up with Big Timber having NO decent places to eat???

Now the fun begins.  Patty at the quilt shop had a little project ready for Jeane and me to do—we learned how to use our machines for embroidery.IMG_2198 There’s Jeane—not sure if she is praying it will work or just exclaiming her delight??IMG_2197 Ah, it worked!  In the afternoon the store hosted an “embroidery club” project and six other ladies joined Jeane and me.  One of the ladies—Helen—is 83 years old!  She tackled learning this computerized machine, hooking it up to a laptop so she can load designs, she is amazing. 

IMG_2200 Patty, our wonderful instructor!

IMG_2199 IMG_2202 This is my machine working away—this will be a Christmas ornament when I am finished—amazing!

The Quilting Hen sets an example far and above what we expect in a business.  Diane and Gary, the owners, their wonderful staff—Patty and her Mom Robyn treated us like queens.  We learned so much and appreciate their expertise with the Pfaff machines.  We will be back! 

Simply the best of weekends with my friend Jeane!  Good food, great quilting, making new friends.  We didn’t arrive home until late last night but it was worth every minute!


  1. 'simply the best' says it all!!..great weekend doing what you love..quilting, friends, fun,food and wine!!

  2. Sounds like you had fun, But,,,I'm putting on some weight and I bet its from reading your blog!! Think?

  3. So glad you enjoyed Fort Benton - born there and grew up on a farm close by. Love the Grand Union - did you stay there?

  4. I never realized how popular quilting really was until lately. All those stores must be doing a great business.

    They sure look great when they are finished:)

  5. Simply amazing does describe it all. Janna is the best person to travel with. We get to stop for breaks, drink wine and eat breakfast. Plus she shares the driving. It was a great weekend from the drive to the quilt store to the awesome food. Thanks for introducing me to all of this. You are the best! And the Quilting Hen is aptly named. The staff are like mother hens in how they take care of their cutstomers. Super customer care!!!!!

  6. Machine work is simply amazing .
    I can just picture what it will look like when its done.


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