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Saturday, October 8, 2011

And The Mountains Have More

Snow that isIMG_0942

IMG_0944 It was raining when we got up but after lunch the sun came out.  Nat was going to come up for lunch but called and canceled—had a bit of a bug.  My pot roast was all ready in the oven and smelling divine—I don’t make pot roast often but The Pioneer Woman had a delicious sounding recipe on her blog the other day.  Man, was it good!  I’m not a fan of crock pots and it takes a dang long time to cook a pot roast in the oven—not something you want to do in the RV!IMG_0941 After our late lunch Michael and I were couch potatoes literally—even took a little snooze.  He was out in the garage all morning and I was quilting, finished my little turkey wall hanging and a table runner for Jeane. 

We took a late afternoon walk with the Emmi girl.  Our walks are taken these days with a little more awareness.  While talking to one of the USFS workers on the recent prescribed burn he mentioned the crew on the fire had seen three grizzly bears!!!!  That fire is only about 2 miles from us as the crow flies, just a walk in the park for a grizzly!  Only in recent years have grizzly bears been spotted around our country, just the black bears.  Guess that has changed, YIKES!


  1. I love to see those griz around but best from a distance. But in my experience up here we always had more issues with Blacks than the big guys. They seem to like to see me around too, but from a distance

  2. Yeah... Grizzlies... Got in trouble in that wet country over by Sula this summer. The forest service fellas got down right testy! Threatened to fine me they did!

    Seems a Grizzly took to thinking I might be a tasty lil' snack... and come at me a lil' too fast for my comfort... and I ended up dispatchin' him.

    Yup. Kilt that nasty bruin when he went to chasin' me through a bog.

    Uh Huh... He choked to death on the dust I kicked up... Leavin' the country!!! :)

  3. I'll bet those Grizzlies could smell that wonderful looking pot roast from miles away.......I'm just sayin..

  4. Oh my, you keep that tasty little morsel Emmi close by!

    Karen and Steve
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