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Monday, October 24, 2011

Indian Summer Is Over

The weather man was right at least for today, Indian summer is over.  We woke to cool temps and by mid-afternoon it was right around 40 degrees and raining—it is still raining. 

I played in the quilting studio all morning working on the little fall table runner.  This afternoon late I loaded a customer quilt onto the longarm.  I really like my new sewing machine especially for appliqué—when you lift your foot from the pedal the pressure foot raises just the tiniest bit making it easy to pivot the fabric and line up the stitches better—worked like a charm today!

After lunch we made a run into town—I needed to mail a birthday present to one little great niece and some Halloween goodies to other folks in her family.  We ran a couple more errands, grabbed a few groceries and headed back up the Boulder.  I sure hope that honey crisp apple tree we planted last year bears fruit—geez that variety of apples is expensive!

Here is a photo of Jeane’s ABC quilts she has made:Jeane's ABC quilt detail Jeane's ABC quilt It was fun to write my ABC’s over and over with the longarm—cute quilts.



  1. Honey crisps may be expensive, but they're delicious and worth it! :)

  2. I am developing a bit more appreciation for quilts as we have been to a number of historic places that have a lot of info on quilts:)


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