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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Murphy Pick On Someone Else

OK, Mr. Murphy, it is time for you to pick on someone else and leave poor Judy in peace for a while.  Not only has she been stuck in a RV repair facility parking lot for about a month, now her NEW refrigerator has died!

We were off to Billings this morning, Michael had a doctor’s appointment and received a healthy tongue lashing from his physician!   Poor Michael is not a compliant patient and detests taking medications.  But sometimes you just gotta!  She cut him very little slack but did seem to impress him with the reasons for taking this medication.

I had given Michael a birthday gift certificate to Al’s Bootery in Billings.  He redeemed the card for new boots today, snazzy new boots!

We had a great lunch at Jake’s, did a Costco run, stopped at Wal Mart and then the RV place for light bulbs.  Grabbed Emmi at Nat’s and headed home.  I had a ton of stuff to do before sitting down to write a blog—Jeane and I are off on an adventure tomorrow.

Remember the new sewing machine I purchased in Carter, MT on our way home from Canada in September.  Well, Jeane called the shop and reserved one just like mine.  We are going up tomorrow to pick up the sewing machine and take some classes coming back Saturday night.  A fun, quilting weekend!

Whew, a busy, busy day!!!!

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  1. You sound very busy. Have a great time on your quilting weekend.

    Take Care and will be seeing you next week


  2. Sure agree about Judy - enough already.

  3. In one of Judy's posts she mentioned not being able to level her MH because of a parking brake problem. From reading other blogs I've gathered that an unlevel MH is a good way to kill a fridge so the may be what happened to it. I hope her warranty will be good if that's what happened.

    Have a great "quilty day." This week I got one of my more recent UFOs quilted and have another one ready to load on the machine, but I think tomorrow I might lay out the blocks for Bonnie Hunter's Roll Roll Cotton Boll and put it I'll have a "quilty" day too.

  4. The fall colours in your neck of the woods are sure nice. I miss that here. Ours are more brown and yellow, none of the bright reds.

  5. Tell Mikel it goes along with the Territory....If your gona get older, ya gotta do lots of not fun stuff and cut eating.. I don't like taking meds either and I don't have to take any thank God. But I do have to take that Lupron shot every 3 months....and I don't like it....But what a guy to do?

  6. I can use any help I can get for getting rid of Murphy! I've had it with that stowaway.

  7. have a wonderful quilting weekend...can't wait to get my quit back into the frames...they will be travelling with me as well as the sewing machine...

  8. As much as I feel sorry for Judy and her MH troubles, it's kind of nice to know where Mr. Murphy is hanging out.

  9. Howdy Janna,
    Sounds like you're now well and going 90mph again!!! so glad!!


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