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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I’m Ready

Dang it was cold this morning!  15 degrees, I guess summer is really over for sure!  And it never got very warm all day even in the sun, I guess it is time for colder weather??

Spent the day getting ready for quilt retreat starting tomorrow.  I made a big pot of beef stew for lunch so Michael could have leftovers while I am gone.  When we were in Carter, MT after coming home from Canada I purchased fabric for making a flannel quilt.  Because I changed the color scheme of the quilt from that shown on the pattern I had a hard time getting the pieces cut.  Should have cut the pieces right after buying the fabric!!!  Gathered all the rest of my stuff and now it looks as if I am moving to Red Lodge—takes a lot of stuff for quilting four days!

Tonight we drove over to Lonn and LoraLee’s to say goodbye to Laci.  She leaves to head back to Italy on Friday—she has one more year of service in Italy and isn’t anxious to go back!  Both those granddaughters really love home!  LoraLee made a delicious supper—ribs, twice baked potatoes, salad, and pound cake with fresh raspberries.

LoraLee has a new puppy, a yorkie/poo.  Buddy is a cute, tiny little thing and gave Emmi a run tonight.  Emmi is now totally sacked out in Michael’s lap, too tired to go.

Michael finished his stoves today and also has the engine ready to pull out of the Ford pickup, YIKES!!!  Here is the stove he built for us:IMG_1094

And here is a different view of our mountains—the Crazy Mountains to the north.IMG_1090


  1. Have a great time on your quilting weekend. Mike sure does beautiful work on those stoves a very talented guy for sure

    Take Care

  2. Beautiful stove. Tell Mike he can drop one off in Arkansas on your way down south and maybe a quilt would go good with it.

  3. Nice composition of intersecting lines in that Crazy Mountain photo.

  4. Wow,,,15 degrees is Cold!!! Hard to imagine as I set here in North Florida this morning at 6am in my shorts and undershirt......Glanced at the thermometer and it says 63 deg.
    Nice stove. I really like that!! I love to make stuff out of iron, I'd love to see him make one...
    Have fun on your trip!
    I am ready to head WEST!!

  5. Love your blog. Don't comment as we "anonymous" are considered, well not sure how to describe it based on blogger comments when they receive anonymous posts.
    I too am a quilter and also love to take pictures. Your photos are beautiful. I don't see pics of your quilts. Stay warm, we're supposed to get snow this evening-first one of the season. Hope it won't interfere with my trip to Maine in the am on a fabric shop hop.

    Bev in NS, Canada

  6. Have fun at your quilting retreat! Hope it's in a warm place.

  7. That's a good looking stove. Just in time for the colder weather.

    Have a good time at your quilt retreat. I think something like that would really be fun but I've never been to one.

  8. 15 degrees?? I think fall is long gone. You sure keep busy- pulling and engine-now that is a project!

  9. Hey.. that photo of the overlapping mountains and low fringe of pine trees might make an interesting basis for a quilt???


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