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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This is an excavator—a mini-excavator.  Its track is only six feet wide.  You will see huge excavators at road construction sites with tracks as wide as 10 feet with equally as huge digging buckets.  The excavator in the photo is our newer one, it didn’t die. 

IMG_0958 The yellow machine behind the truck is a backhoe—that’s what I used to push the mini-excavator up into that trailer attached to the truck. 

Kind of a nasty day weather wise—rain and wind squalls all day.IMG_0956 Michael went to town after lunch to winterize our friend Jill’s sprinkler system and to run a couple other errands.  I stayed home with my cold.  Emmi and I took a nice long nap under the electric blanket again.

I felt a little better when I got up and managed to finish one of Jeane’s alphabet quilts—adorable! 

IMG_0960 You used to be able to look up the East Boulder valley and see no houses—if you look closely you can see at least two.  IMG_0959


  1. Are you like Al and don't want any people for miles, or do you welcome your new neighbors? :)

  2. Too bad the virgin view is being populated!!! Hope your cold gets better soon!

  3. Too bad the virgin view is being populated!!! Hope your cold gets better soon!

  4. You always have such beautiful pictures. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Ah Ha, OK, Thanks for the pictures. As usual they are worth a thousand words. I thought maybe you were refering to a moving machine.

  6. Yes Janna you always have such beautiful pictures. I cant wait to see it in person. Montana is one of my favorite States I think it is because it is very similar to home.

    See you soon

  7. Seeing the pics of that equipment I'm now ever more impressed that you were able to push the excavator up onto the trailer. Well done!

  8. Howdy J&M,
    Down here in Texas we call them thar thangz ditch-diggers!! Your pics are great!! How do you plant and combine those sloping fields?? Oh yeah, you are from Arkansas, where they plant both sides of the land(itz all vertical) hehe.. My cousin owned a whole mountain @ Brentwood,AR and used dirt bikes to round-up the cows, too dangerous for horses!!
    I don't enjoy neighbors unless they''re at least 5 miles away..
    Which direction is the valley scene, from your house? Thatz a lovely view!!
    Sure glad you're feeling better!!


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