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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Comings and Goings

It really rained hard last night after we came home from the party and right when we went to bed it started snowing huge snowflakes—nothing accumulated but it was appropriate—17 years ago on our wedding day we had eight inches of snow. 

Today the sun was shining and we had a cold wind—Emmi didn’t mind staying outside most of the day.  Michael did some work on his stoves then went up to Geoff and Nancy’s to start a project.

I did the usual Monday chores—laundry, etc.  Homemade pizza for lunch then it was time to play.  I tried to remember some of what I learned this weekend and was partially successful--IMG_0979 Isn’t it cool what my new sewing machine will do??  I also did a little quilting on the last of Jeane’s quilts.  Got a box in the mail today from my Aunt Margaret and Marti with a couple quilts. 

And that’s all our comings and goings for the day.  Nat came up for an early supper, he is trying to refinance his house in town and needed some advice—banks have to be some of the biggest crooks in existence!  YIKES!

IMG_0976 Can you see the paw print—Mr. Bear was around last night, out by the motorhome, down the driveway, it was easy to see where he had been due to the rain and mud.



  1. Nice colors in that last pic. :) I don't want to see snow, though, even if it does melt...

  2. SNOW! That is enough of that, don't need to have a foot of snow to maneuver our way through heading south.

  3. this last shot is wonderful and makes me feel homesick
    We have nothing but green here for the most part.
    And yes I agree about the banks.
    and the stock market and the corporations.
    Thats just the way it is until they lose then they ask for help to bail them out lol

  4. You need one of those wildlife cameras. I just bought one. Walmart has a neat one, it a N6 and costs $89.00. Most places are selling the same camera for about $139.00 Neat....
    No snow down here in Florida thats for sure.....


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