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Friday, October 21, 2011

We Have Company

Emmi has company and so do we—Mack and Meg arrived today with their people, John and Brenda all the way from Alberta country.  And the two horses, quite the menagerie they are traveling with!  We were all set up and ready, Michael used some of our fencing panels and created a horse corral down here in the yard so our horses wouldn’t bug the visitors as horses are prone to do. 

We got their truck and living quarters horse trailer all set up and got busy catching up since we had last seen these guys in late September.  I had instructed Brenda that she wasn’t to even think about cooking while she was here.  She is an excellent hostess and fed us so well while we were in Alberta. 

Tonight we had grilled pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary, and a salad.  For dessert we had the choice of pumpkin bars or cherry cheesecake.  And then more conversation.

We had some help eating the cherry cheesecake—you know we live out in the middle of nowhere, 22 miles from literally anything and it is dark, really dark.  Brenda goes to the door to see what the dogs are barking at, looks down looking for dogs and sees feet, looks up and is staring into the face of a guy, and oh my gosh, there is another guy.  She lets out a startled shriek and comes into the kitchen, “Janna, there’s someone at your door.”  Well, I was just as startled cause we hadn’t noticed any car lights.  It was Jeff (whose parents own our former ranch) and his friend Ken.  Jeff is going to college in Bozeman and comes over here often now on the weekends.  They were having water problems at the house and needed Mike’s expertise.   I sent them back down the hill with some cherry pie—college kids need to eat!

It is great to have our Canadian friends visiting! 

IMG_1047 Smoke coming out the chimney, our aspens are at their golden peak.

IMG_1048 And the chokecherry are at their red peak.


  1. enjoy the company!..sounds like it is going to be quite the 'foodfest'!!

  2. Give John and Brenda a hug for us and you guys have fun. I love the beautiful fall colors. Hugs to all...........

  3. Beautiful place, i am glad my cuz made it safe and sound, enjoy :)

  4. Good food, good company, beautiful country, if it weren't for the rumored fact that Montana gets cold in the winter we might stay here till spring.

  5. gorgeous place glad they arrived safe and sound..enjoy your visit...!!! :)

  6. You should have sent JB to the door then your visitors would have shrieked!!

    Sounds like you're feeding your guests pretty well, I sure liked the sounds of that cherry cheesecake.

    Beautiful fall photos.

  7. Ohhh you guys eat good! Your pics are wonderful and sure love the autumn... too soon the snow will be flying. When are you departing for further south?

    Karen and Steve
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