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Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Sunday In October

Clouds all day today and a little cooler than yesterday.  In Billings on Saturday heat records were broken!!  By Thursday all may change, though.

Nat came up for lunch and I made chicken tetrazzini using Judy’s recipe from the Patchwork Times, YUM!  We had green veggies and a Greek salad to go with the pasta dish.

Michael has spent the day installing a gooseneck hitch on the new truck.  He noticed one of the hide a ball type hitches for sale on Craigslist and low and behold it was located in Big Timber—so be bought it Friday night while in town.  

This afternoon I did some more quilting on the fat turkey wallhanging—it is the cutest thing!  Finished my audiobook, The Help and started a new one. 

Michael and I never go to the movies—rarely!  We sometimes purchase DVD’s and we borrow from Gina and Rollie’s extensive library when they are around us but that’s the extent of our movie watching.  Tonight we went to the movies in Big Timber.

The population of Big Timber is about 1500 people and somehow the town has always managed to hang onto the movie theatre.  And while we don’t see big name movies the exact week those shows hit the big cities, we do see them several weeks later.  On Friday when we were in town we noticed the theatre was showing The Help all weekend.  Michael agreed to go with me tonight.

I love going to the movies at the Cottonwood Theatre—holds about 200 people, we see many people we know and most everyone picks up their own trash when leaving the show.  In warmer weather everyone stands around outside after the movie and chats.  Yep, small town living!

The movie was fabulous—didn’t follow the book exactly but for once I wasn’t disappointed in the movie version. 

Emmi voiced her displeasure at not being allowed to attend the movies when we got home!

A great first Sunday in October.


  1. Nice to hear that a small town theater can still survive in this day and age.

  2. I rarely go to movies. Heard about "the Help" and might want to go see that one. Glad you had a good time.

  3. I can't remember the last time I went to the movie theater. I do know it was either to see Dances with Wolves or Gorillas in the Mist. Now that was a couple of decades ago! :)

  4. The Help sure seems to be the big hit of the movie year. I haven't been to a movie theater in quite a while although Paulette always goes when one of the girls is home for a visit.

  5. Jeanette and I saw the movie, 'The Help.' It's a winner, in our view. Although each movie takes poetic license, this was a very good representation of the book.


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