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Friday, October 7, 2011

It’s Fall Now

Or did we just skip fall and head on into winter??  A high of about 45 degrees today with a cold, blustery wind and rain.  We’ve gotten about an inch and a half of rain and the mountains around us have their first coating of snow.IMG_0938

The Beartooth Pass road is closed as are some roads within Yellowstone Park—all for snow. 

Today was one of those days when I should maybe have stayed in bed!  Scurried around this morning—I had a massage appointment at 9am.  Michael decided to go into town with me to visit with his Dad.  When I walked into the salon and Gayle saw me I could tell from the look on her face that something was wrong.  As she was telling me that no, my appointment wasn’t at 9am but at 10:30am I watched Michael driving out of the parking lot.

You might ask—why didn’t you just call him on his cellphone telling him to come back and get you??  Well, as I’ve said before, cellphones don’t work well here in Montana, not well at all, not enough cell towers.  So, we don’t waste the money for two cellphones that sit unused, powered off on the kitchen counter waiting for our trips to civilization.  We just have one and it was in my purse!

Gayle very graciously gave me her car keys and off I went to Nat’s surprising Michael when I walked in.  I finally did get my much needed massage then we headed home.

Neither one of us had much ambition—I did manage to get the vacuuming done and the buttons sewn on my new red sweater.  I also took Emmi for another walk so I could photograph the nest Michael pointed out—YIKES!


And that’s about it for our Friday.


  1. Isn't it great to be married to a man who can make wipers out of vipers? When do you guys get out of there to head south? Hopefully the cold front will move on through and still give you some great fall weather.

  2. Beautiful fall shot, but that snow is a little worrisome.

  3. I hope you will be able to leave for the winter before you have to dig out the motorbike from the snow!!!
    I would love to see the fall colours. The pictures are great.

  4. Not too many businesses where the owner will loan you their car! Small towns are still nice!


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