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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Double Yuck

Woke up during the night coughing with a sore throat.  Allergies or a cold??  I am rarely sick but do have some allergies such as to wood smoke to which I was exposed yesterday.  Let’s hope it’s allergies—they go away faster!  Double yuck!!

Michael was off to help Mark on a project for our friend Geoff—something about horse watering tanks, digging and plumbing—doesn’t sound like much fun, does it??

I thought about going back to bed when he left but talked myself out of it.  Instead I went downstairs and got the binding sewn onto the turkey gobbler wall hanging.  Also got one of Jeane’s cute little quilts on the frame—talk about adorable! 

It is a beautiful fall day here, about 60 degrees, sunny, clear blue skies. 


Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends!IMG_0950


  1. Sure do hope that you are feeling better really soon ~ it stinks to feel that way!!! Hopefully it is allergies!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Sure hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. hope you feel better soon Janna!!...happy Sunday to you!!

  4. A pioneer ranching rv woman, allergic to wood smoke? Bummer! I like reading your blog. Thank you,


  5. Loved reading your blog!
    Beautiful country!
    Have a great day...

  6. Nice photos! Hopefully, you aren't getting a nagging cold. The remedy? About 3 or 4 weeks as mine is finally starting to disappear.

  7. Howdy J&M,
    Janna, itz work that makes a feller feel like life's worth living and helping a friend/neighbor makes it 'dubble' worth!!
    I 'loved' the story of Janna & Mike on the Bayfield blog!!! As Bocephus would say,"Country boys can survive"

    Keep all of your cold up there, just send us some RAIN, please!!!

    What kind of 'new' truck did Mike get??

    When do you leave for Florida?

    Hoping for smooth roads, clear blue skies & balmy breezes, for your trip south...

    ps: if you get lost out here around Abilene or SanAngelo come on by... The coffee pot is always on @ the RunningStar Ranch in Coleman county, Texas!!!


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