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Monday, October 10, 2011

Still Yucky

Cold or allergies—the jury is still out and I am still miserable.  Sent Michael and Emmi off on a walk and I crawled back in bed with the electric blanket on high!  and Rick’s comment didn’t help me feel any better, “Hopefully, you aren't getting a nagging cold. The remedy? About 3 or 4 weeks as mine is finally starting to disappear.”  Let’s hope it’s allergies! 

I did manage to get some routine chores done today—cleaned bathrooms, laundry, made lunch (leftovers), etc.  Michael went to finish up the project he started yesterday.

When I married Michael almost 17 years ago, I was a city girl, born on a farm and vowed to never, ever live on another one ever again.  Well, we know how that turned out!  Michael is forever getting me into messes—asking me to do things that I’ve never done in my life, such as run the swather or the huge John Deere tractor.  Or steer a dead truck with a huge trailer attached in a blinding snowstorm as Michael pulls us home with another truck (that one made me hysterical!!)  I’ll save the story of how we fed cows for another day—that was an experience for this city girl, let me tell you!

Since we retired those moments had decreased until today.  The older mini-excavator we have died this afternoon, Michael came home got the backhoe and I drove the truck and trailer back to the job site.  He’s not sure how this circus is going to play out but thinks, OK, I will try to start the excavator one more time—it STARTS!!!  He yells at me, “get the backhoe!”  OK, now what???  Motions for me to come up behind the excavator with the loader bucket and push the excavator as he drives it up into the trailer.  It worked!!  I didn’t have time to get scared and since the excavator is so old I didn’t have to worry about scratching or damaging it!

Almost each time I see Lonn (Michael’s son) he will ask me, “got any music loaded on that iPod??”  And I usually have to answer, no, not yet after all I’ve only had it 10 months!  But today, success, I have music on my iPod!  I was able to figure out how to download audiobooks several months ago and have really enjoyed that feature.

It was a good day!

IMG_0955 Emmi’s favorite perch for looking out the windows seeing if Dad is coming home.


  1. I have had my ipod for 2 years and still do not know how to download anything onto it. Now, I think I've lost the cords when I sold my office furniture.

    Love today's story.

  2. I have music on my ipod..but I don't put it there..Doug does that stuff!..thank goodness!! Emmi's perch!..perfect!!

  3. I would need pictures to understand the story about the excavator. I grew up in Chicago, you know. :)

  4. Sounds like your stories would make a great book "City Girl Turns Country" LOL!

  5. Sounds like you are having fun there and I hope that allergy attack is gone by the time we hove into sight!

  6. I have maybe a couple hundred tunes on my Ipod....all put there by Kelly. I'm still floundering around looking for my playlists:((

  7. Well,, I don't even own an ipod!! Don't seem to miss it one bit...

    Yep pictures of all that stuff your talking about would sure help us to know what your talking about... An excavator? I'm sure I know what you are talking about,,,,

    Hope you get to feeling better. We are sitting here in N. Florida,,,,hot and muggy!! I sure wish I was in ARIZONA!!

  8. A couple of years back our Kids purchased an ipod for Gram (Ricks 91 year old momma)...Gram was thrilled~it also meant I was forced to learn how to load it..I don't have one..but every month gram would say could you put some new songs on my ipod for me..I'm getting bored of the few hundred that are on there..she sure loved her Ipod...

  9. I always tell folks who can't load music on their iPod to find a 12 year old - a grandchild is usually the best bet!

    Nice job on getting the excavator pushed up onto the trailer - that could have ended up in a different kind of story!


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