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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seventeen Years

My sweet sister sent us a card for our anniversary and I loved it—one of the things in the card:
"A happy marriage is what happens when two people decide that they not only love each other, they really like each other.”  I think that sums up Michael and me—we truly enjoy each other’s company and we do indeed love each other even after seventeen years.

To celebrate our anniversary, we drove over to Roscoe, MT this morning taking literally “the back road” and had a late lunch at the Grizzly Bar.  On the way home coming through Big Timber at about 4:30 I checked our home messages—there was George saying, “hope you didn’t forget the party tonight at 5pm.”  I looked at Michael and said, “do you know anything about a party at George and Shirley’s tonight??”  He said, “oh, yea, it is tonight.”  GUYS!! 

We scurried home, dropped off Miss Emmi and were only a little late—since it was a cocktail party and not dinner we were just fashionably late!  Good to see all our friends and neighbors—seems like everyone has had such a busy summer!

A perfect anniversary day!  IMG_0969



  1. Happy Anniversary to you both Janna and Mike. Hope you many many more years.

    Clinton and I have a few years on you. We will celebrate our 34th this coming friday Oct 21.

    Vickie Ewing Sipes

  2. Happy Anniversary from up here in the North Country.

  3. Happy Anniversary...and many more.

  4. Happy 17th anniversary to you both..hope you have many more happy years ahead!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    Usually if I supposedly forget to pass on some information, I like to think that if there was no "eye contact", then I'm off the hook.

    Works most of the time.

  6. Happy Anniversary from down here in the South country. :-) We hope you both lots more GREAT times together. Hugs.........Pat

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    Beautiful photos!

  8. gorgeous pics..glad you made the party..and happy anniversary...


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