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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heart Warming

Remember the story of the young female wrangler here in Montana who forced her horse into charging a full grown grizzly bear in order to protect an eight year old boy and his horse??  She was on the David Letterman Show last night and here is a link to the interview from our local news provider.  The news clip loaded really fast for us and was a joy to watch!  That is one remarkable girl AND horse!  I love news such as this instead of all the usual gloom and doom! 

And speaking of gloom and doom—I am as guilty as the next person about talking on my cellphone while driving especially out here in the wide open spaces of Montana freeways.  I do not text and drive, never!  This past weekend a couple, 67 years old were out for a drive in their restored Model A, driving 40 miles per hour on the freeway, Saturday afternoon, sunshine, 3pm, light traffic.  It is legal to drive antique cars on Montana roadways.  A woman in a mini-van rear ended this couple and killed the wife.  Was she texting, was she talking on the phone, news reports have not said.  Please think about this when driving! 

A beautiful if windy day in Montana, on our walk this morning we took some great photos—I say we, Michael rarely picks up the camera but he does have a good eye and will tell me, “see that, take a photo.” 

IMG_0967 IMG_0964

Are you like Al and don't want any people for miles, or do you welcome your new neighbors? :)”  Judy left this comment last night and the answer is, “we are like Al and Kelly!!!”


  1. Gorgeous pictures...those poor poor folks on the freeway :( very sad..we have a law here on the east coast of Canada~major fines if caught talking or texting in a vehicle..and I still see it every time I'm out and about..scary to say the least...hope you feel better soon....

  2. So sad about the older couple enjoying their drive. Beautiful story about the girl and her horse. Those are two very brave heroes.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Mike needs to get the paints out.

  4. It is beautiful there but I am thinking that is just about enough snow until you see our taillights going over the hill.

    Alberta has just implemented a new distracted driving law that gives out a substantial fine if you are found talking on your handheld cellphone, texting, or a myriad of other behaviours like eating or putting on your makeup, not to mention those perenial favourites like reading a book while driving.

  5. Thanks for the newslink - watched the whole Letterman interview - fascinating. It's so nice to hear good news and what a brave young lady and her horse.

    So sorry to hear of the older couple. In Oregon we also have heavy fines for cell phone use while driving.

  6. I too am sorry to hear of the older couple, what a tragedy.

    Thanks for sharing the news story from Letterman. That gal is really something.

  7. People who text and drive should have their phones confiscated in addition to the regular traffic fines - it's just ridiculous.

  8. Howdy J&M,
    Mike has an eye for beauty!!! The story about the older couple reminds me of Bob Skelding's(the in Mississippi a couple of years back, in his horse-drawn RV!!! The guy who hit him was 'texting' and ran completely over a 16'X8'X10' wagon..
    Bob was very lucky; he lived to go
    again.. The Mexican truck-driver escaped to Mexico..


    Hope you're over your cold!!!!

  9. Watched the Letterman interview - what a great horse and rider!! Thank you for sharing!!


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