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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Town, Road Building and Quilting Buddies

Quilting buddies are the best, especially when they live just down the road from you—Shirley came up this afternoon and picked out some backing fabrics for quilt tops she finished this winter and we had a good “chin wag” as they say.  Next week she is going to take a longarm lesson—I can all ready see a convert!

To town early this morning for an appointment and while Michael was doing his thing I got to spend time browsing all the new stuff at Cinnabar Creek.  Some really nice new clothes, lots of new cookbooks and gifts.  Purchased only a little hostess gift and a latte. 

When Michael was finished we drove out to Nat’s and installed the super loud ringer for his telephone which we purchased from the telephone company.  Nat had been complaining (he is very hard of hearing, wears a hearing aid) he couldn’t hear the phone ring when the TV was on—let me tell you, he can hear it now!  Jeez, if I am sitting next to the phone when it rings you may have to peel me off the ceiling—the thing works!

Michael got all the low tires aired up on the backhoe this afternoon and started the road work in preparation for moving the cattle guard and the road—Rollie, it will be much easier to get that big motorhome you are looking for up the driveway now, he’s straightening out some of the curves! 

Lonn and LoraLee stopped by this afternoon on their way to pick up a horse, we walked down to get the mail and that’s about the extent of our day!

While LoraLee and I were chatting Miss Emmi decided to make herself at home:

IMG_6730 In the motorhome she would get on the back of the loveseat so she could see out the windows.  She has never tried to get on the back of the sofa here at home until today—looks pretty proud of herself, doesn’t she!  Those boys in the photos sitting on the sofa table are my nephews—those photos were taken a LONG time ago, Trent, the oldest is now 17 and Clayton is 15.  Guess I should hit them up for some more recent ones although I like these—I think their Mom took the photos. 


  1. Emmi looks might comfy on the back of the sofa!..maybe you should move it near a window so she can see out..and pretend she is still camping? :)

  2. Looks like that's a dog with attitude! :)

  3. Hey what is with all this white stuff around this country of yours. We are in Fort Hall for the night and maybe for the rest of the winter.

    When Mike gets done with your Texas Gate send him on up to Dogpound North we need one moved to.

  4. Awww Miss Emmi thinks she is still in the motorhome!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Love the photo of Miss Emmi - yes, she does look very proud of herself! She's such a cutie. Katie did the same thing in my RV, sitting on the back of the dinette seat.

  6. Emmi - I am so proud of you. Scooter and Skittlez have always laid on the back of the sofa - in the stix and bricks and also in the motor home. They especially like it if the sun happens to be shining in that window.


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