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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mike Clark Is Going Home

Are all men the same???  When one of you says the words, “let’s go home,” the pedal is to the metal and off we go, straight home, do not stop, just keep driving!  We left Moab, UT a little after 9am this morning and as I write this at 5pm mountain time, we are still driving and will be until we reach Dillon, MT at about 8pm!  Our plan was to stop for the night in Pocatello, ID and then I heard the dreaded question, “what would you think about driving on?”  I just know he passed Pocatello by cause I wanted to stop at the quilt store—do you think???? 

IMG_6671 So we went from this toIMG_6669 this today, GRRRR, I hate to give up my flip flops!

IMG_6663 Our camping spot last night!

IMG_6673 IMG_6672 Nice scenery today.IMG_6680 IMG_6676

And John and Brenda, you better hurry, we are sure most of the Canadians left today as we have played tag with the majority of Alberta today.

And we thank the good Lord our friend Gina came through her surgery with flying colors today!

So, we will be back in the state of Montana in less than 2 hours.


  1. You and The Bayfield Bunch! You guys are nuts - in my humble opinion. I thought you were going to do some more sight seeing on the way home.
    Now how do I figure out where we go after we leave Moab? Just too funny.

    Hope you don't run into any snow and that you arrive home safe and sound.

  2. It is that time of year. When snowbirds start that migration it is a travel till you drop kind of deal. We however are taking it easy when we go next week, or that is the plan right now, although once you hit the high desert in Utah and the temps start dropping there really is not reason to stop except for fuel.

  3. It's not just the men! Mo and I did the same thing, foregoing a side trip to Death Valley to travel home the quick fast route through Nevada. Love that photo of the San Rafael Swell. I have hiked those slot canyons and once off the interstate, it is magical. Welcome home to the beautiful state of Montana. I had a friend in Polson for many years and spent much time there.

  4. You sound like us! When we point the nose of our vehicle toward home (whichever home that might be), it just seems to keep moving. My Mike says "the horse is headed for the barn". :-) YES!! Praise God Gina is OK. I talked to her a few minutes ago. She was groggy but feeling good and ready to go home.
    You guys be safe and let us know when you get safely home. Hugs.......Pat and Mike

  5. I agree with Jim and Sandie, I think you guys are nuts! :)

  6. sorry to hear about the loss of your flip flops and pretty toes!!
    Glad to hear that Gina made it through her surgery with flying colours!!
    safe travels as you get closer to home!!

  7. We are right behind you. We stopped in Idaho Falls where we met up with some Helena friends we had missed all over Arizona in our travels.

    I had to get out my winter coat to walk Kassie here tonight - it is quite a shock.

    Travel safe and we must meet soon for lunch again.

  8. Well, Janna, we'll be taking a nice slow 10 day trip home when we leave Desert Hot Springs in the morning. Paulette has already mapped out all the Quilt stores on California and Oregon coasts!

  9. HIDE THE KEYS!!!!! it's real simple.

  10. We are sooo much the opposite! We are dragging our heels at going home! We should be home by Tues or Wed next week. ARGGHHH stopping in Bethel, Mo and St. Louis Mo by the weekend to visit with friends. Then perhaps an overnight near Beloit, WI to visit with more friends and watch the weather for our last dash home through snow and ice and ICK!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. You do know that Dillon has a quilt store?! Too late for this trip, but keep it in mind for the next. LOL

  12. Where are you?? Did you make it home safe and sound? You must be relaxing. Hugs to both of you...


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