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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ripping and Tearing

Ripping and tearing in more ways than one.  Michael ripped out the old cattle guard today, dug out the concrete supports and moved the whole thing down the driveway about 100 yards.  We are so thankful we have machinery for these momentous tasks!IMG_6803

I on the other hand was doing ripping of a different sort.  LoraLee brought me a pattern for making the cutest fabric baskets and I attempted to begin one of these baskets yesterday afternoon late.  Well, whoever wrote that pattern needs to go back to pattern writing school!!!  Thus I was using my seam ripper today, a lot!!!  Now, after talking to LoraLee I think I am on the right track.

Due to all the snow and rain coupled with the dirt work we are swimming in a sea of mud—poor Emmi gets almost a complete bath every time she comes back inside.

IMG_6801 These three cranes were sure fussing this morning—bet they are having a harder time finding something to eat with all this snow!


This is a photo of our next rain/snow storm rolling in over the mountains to the west.


  1. well at least you weren't ripping your hair out!!??

  2. Seems like the cranes and you all went north too soon! Brr! :)

  3. ahhh Michael--- just a Big Boy with this Big Boy Sandbox Toys!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. No more snow. So do you have the concrete or whatever it is you need to fill in where the cattle guard was? I'm sure you do but I was wondering how that gets done.

  5. looks Pretty up up there, Pretty COLD and Pretty MUDDY.......

    look's like Mike is havin fun tho....

  6. As always, you have beautiful scenery and pictures. I hope your “sea of mud” will dry up soon.

    By the way, I so impressed with your puppy dog Emmi for learning to walk on those cattle guards. Over the years, we have at times, had issues with our dogs on some of the hiking paths because they tend to have foot bridges with metal grating (to allow rain to drain). Our dogs did not think they should be walking on those bridges. Usually they put their front legs/feet out in a wide manner and attempt to cross, very stiff legged.



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