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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snow and Sunshine

It is definitely April in Montana, woke to snow and the day will end on a sunshiny note!

Michael gave me more blog material yesterday—we are sitting with our coffee, I am reading a seed catalog talking about gardening and I say, “I would sure like a greenhouse.”  He replies, “well get yourself a paint brush and some green paint.”  OK, was he just being funny or was he totally not listening to our previous conversation about gardening???  I threw the seed catalog at him!!

Spent the afternoon getting the longarm ready to sew again.  Jim and Sandie (well, I think Sandie) asked what “to longarm” means in a comment left a couple days ago.  A quilter pieces a quilt—she cuts all the little shapes, sews the fabric together and creates a quilt top.  The longarm owner takes that top, adds a layer of batting and a layer of backing fabric making a quilt sandwich.  Then the longarm quilter loads this sandwich onto a huge longarm quilting machine and quilts a design over the entire quilt securing the three layers. 

I placed my seed order with Fedco Seeds today—I like their product because the seeds are not genetically modified.  As a kid in Arkansas in summertime, we grew up in a vegetable garden—Mom and Dad had a huge garden and of course we three kids weren’t thrilled about helping—needless to say our wants didn’t matter and we did help!  My sister Ann and her husband Danny have a big garden in the same spot now.  I get all excited when the gardening season starts, order seeds and start planning.  By September when all I’ve gotten is lettuce, radishes and the occasional cucumber or squash, I wonder—was it worth it???  Montana’s weather just isn’t conducive to gardening unless you like lots of lettuce!

IMG_6722 A poor photo of a golden eagle I think!




  1. I am going with 'listening but thinking he was being funny'..gotta love when those men in our lives supply us with a topic to blog about!

  2. Ok the golden eagle wasn't the best, but the third photo is award winning! Good luck with your garden. This is my first year trying to garden, we're doing a small raised bed.

  3. May I suggest a roller & tray with that green paint:))

  4. I see you are making good use of your seed catalog! Men...they do make good material for the blog!! Good luck with the garden. I have decided to plant NOTHING this year. Don't know what I'll do when I start wanting a tomato fresh off the vine and still warm from the summer sun...

  5. My thoughts on gardening exactly. probably explaining why mine lays fallow most years and we get our produce from farmers markets and Hutterite colonies, or failing that the local Superstore.

  6. I finally learned what you do with that longarm machine. I often wondered about that. We can normally grow a pretty good garden here but I am not much of a gardener. That is Cliff's domain.

  7. Yes it was Sandie who asked and thank you so much for explaining the longarm for me. I really like it when people explains things so I can understand it. About the only thing we could ever grow in Billings was a few tomatoes. I definitely don't have a green thumb - maybe that green paint would help.


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