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Monday, April 18, 2011

And Yet Another Trip To Billings

Left bright and early this morning dropping Emmi off at Nat’s and then on to Billings for a routine test for Michael.  It was snowing again when we left and here I think is the reason for our mood funk:

”Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until midnight MDT
Tuesday night...
A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow remains in effect until
midnight MDT Tuesday night.
* Impacts: reduced visibility and snow packed roads will make
travel difficult and hazardous.
* Timing: snow will be heavy tonight and Tuesday. The snow will
taper off Tuesday night.
* Snow accumulation: some areas will accumulate 12 to 18 inches
of snowfall by Tuesday evening.
Precautionary/preparedness actions...
A Winter Storm Warning means a significant amount of snow is
expected or occurring. Strong winds are also possible. This will
make travel very hazardous or impossible.”

Karen and Steve are also dealing with a winter storm in Wisconsin—we sympathize!

We had lunch at Jake’s where I enjoyed some really good fish tacos and Michael had his usual burger.  A quick stop at Costco along with a couple more errands and we were back in Big Timber by 2pm. 

I purchase meat at Costco, divide into smaller packages then freeze—got all that taken care of when we got home, now I am sitting in front of the fire looking on the internet for somewhere warm to be! 

Blooming desert2 AZ scenery Maybe a couple photos of the desert will improve my mood!


  1. So sorry for the snow, we are looking at more storms tommorrow night. At least snow is more predictable.

  2. You know, I don't mind winter at all, love the snow and cozy fires. I just don't like winter when it comes in APRIL!! Definitely a reason for a funky mood.

  3. It was nice here most of the day but now it looks like more rain is on the way. We just don't seem to keep the sun around long. Hope your snow melts quickly.

  4. hope the snow doesn't last too long!..try and stay warm and dry!!

  5. We're slowly heading north, and think it's still too early! The snow is very close to us in Utah! Love those Costco steaks, and we split them up and freeze as well.

  6. Head for Dogpound South, it is warm there and there is a 50 Amp hookup going begging.

  7. I'm sorry about that snow, but I'll be thinking of that icy stuff as I travel to Roswell where it is slated to be 92 (!). Geez.

    Stay warm. I'll send ya some when I get "there."


  8. SW AZ has perfect weather. Come on down.

  9. Let me know when it's safe to come back up that way. Hopefully when we finally get there in June, weather will be beautiful.

  10. We sure got it too... about 4-5 inches only, just south of us got it worse. This morning the highways were blocked off from mulitple accidents due to black ice, and by the time we got to the ER room at hospital (I had some tummy trouble) they were packed up with 13 injured people! Took us 5 hours to get through the ER and back home again... ARGGH but at least we weren't one of the accidents!
    Karen and Steve
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