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Monday, April 25, 2011

Everything Was Right

Some days everything just works—the tension was perfect, my stitches were perfect and the little customer quilt I finished today was perfect!  The thread never broke the whole time I was stitching—it was a perfect sewing day!

Michael cut a little firewood this morning then used the skidsteer to auger post holes (sure is nice to have that equipment!!) and set several posts for his new section of fence.

Sunshine early but about 4pm the temperature dropped and a storm blew through leaving behind little round balls of sleet.  I was able to hang my sheets out on the line to dry this morning.

Spent some time on the phone today with car rental companies—our quilting group has talked about traveling to Spokane, WA in the fall for a quilt show.  I was checking pricing for renting large passenger vans.  I got some doozy customer service type people today—where do they get these folks???  One guy  at Thrifty Car Rental told me I couldn’t make a reservation that far in advance in case the van was not available—I would need to call back closer to the departure date.  I asked him, “what happens if you don’t have a van?”  He replied, “well, then you can’t get one.”  I suggested that scenario wasn’t going to work and the little pip squeak suggested maybe I should call someone else!!!  How do they stay in business??

And why does it take several calls on the part of the patient to get a physician’s office to do their job??  That was another of my issues dealt with today! 

IMG_6816 This was our view from the hayfields today—see that hint of green??IMG_6817 And the chokecherry trees are starting to bud—spring may eventually come to Montana!


  1. spring is coming to your neighbourhood!!!..yippeee!!!

  2. Chokecherries - YES!!! Perfect stitches - YES!!!

  3. Spring is on the way. Have faith!!

  4. About the physician's office: AMEN to that comment! We are currently looking for a new physician when aftr four days and four calls, no one called us back regarding a reaction to new meds. Call #5 was the last message letting them know the patient had died. (It wasn't true but would they have cared??)
    Emjay (aka Warpath Annie)

    P.S. They still didn't call.

  5. Say, how about some Spring skiing up there in those snow capped mountains. And yes, I can see the green:)) 'Come on Spring' gol darn it!!

  6. The pictures are beautiful. Spring is not far away, Hugs to both of you.............Pat

  7. I am pretty sure that customer service is dead most everywhere. After all the, it seems that the training and phone systems are all designed to make you give up rather than actually respond to your needs. Doctor's offices are at the top of our list as well.

  8. Congrats on the great sewing day! Don't ya just love it when the stars and moon are all in a line and your sewing machine cooperates? LOL

    My docs office called ME today to cancel... seems he is sick and going to reschedule as soon as HE is better. How's that for service?

    Karen and Steve
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