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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fence Building

Michael was up really early this morning but Emmi and I decided our warm bed was just too nice to leave!

Later in the morning, we decided to take a nice long walk and hiked up the hill to the irrigation ditch—imagine our surprise when we found running water in the ditch which means our head gate way over in the neighbor’s pasture had probably fallen closed during the winter forcing water into the irrigation ditch instead of down the creek.  It is way too early to start irrigating around here.

So, our hike got longer as we walked over to where the head gate is located and found the gate wasn’t letting much water down the creek.  Got that chore accomplished and while doing that Miss Emmi managed to get really involved with a burdock bush—a nasty weed with huge stick to you burrs.  Her coat is so fine she is a magnet for burrs!

Back to the house where I spent probably a hour brushing and cutting the burrs out of her coat and then decided since she was all brushed why not give her a bath.  Now she is a sweet smelling little dog!

Did a little cleaning and looked outside to see my husband pounding steel fence posts and stringing barbed wire—I guess he is feeling OK cause that is way physical labor!

Got the ball rolling with Michael’s primary doctor today to refer us to another rheumatologist.  It was great to hear him say the exact same thing as the doctor yesterday, “it is important to find a doctor you like and trust to follow this arthritis issue.” 

IMG_6731 It was a chilly 20 degrees here this morning and there was ice on the irrigation ditch water. 

Tonight we are going to Robyn and Claire’s for dinner—all our neighborhood friends will be there—it will be fun to see everyone!

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